It’s My Two Year Blogiversary! So, I'm giving out ten top tips and tricks for new bloggers.

YAY! It’s My Two Year Blogiversary!  Now, raise your hand if you need therapy because of me... ...more
Thanks so much for this ! Congrats! I had a blog a few years ago on Blogger about my wedding and ...more

All I want for Mother's Day is a Hall Pass

Over the last couple of weeks I have been repeatedly asked if I have any big Mother’s days plans. I always answer with No, but secretly think, yeah do my best to hide form my husband and child. I know I must sound like an ass of a mom for this, but hear me out. If I should spend Mother’s Day lovingly embracing my son, thanking God every minute for the amazing blessing that he is -- Read: with my son hanging from me, whining to be picked up, changing diapers and playing with Hot Wheels-- then what the hell is the difference from every other day?...more

Blog Hops... Think before you hop.

In my experience Blog Hops are a followers scam put on by, do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do hosts.  If you think by joining the "Blog Hop" you will increase your Blog followers, Facebook page likes and Twitter followers, think again.  The only people who benefit from the Blog Hops are the hosts.  Only the hosts and top 5-10 people on the list will gain followers. ...more
Nice, I feel this is very true.more

It happened. My baby rolled off the couch!

 Um. Yeah. We suck.  Yes, WE suck, dad was in on this epic fail too.  I have always heard that, “All babies roll off the couch sooner or later.”  “HA!” I said to that. Not my baby.  No way would I be foolish enough to let him roll off the couch.  WRONG! Fail. Minus 2 points First Time Mom and Dad....more

I'm Pregnant and I hate my Husband

That's it! I am putting my husbands fat diarrhea mouth on mute until he can stop pissing me off! I refuse to hear another word that comes out of his mouth until he learns to stop being so annoying. I don't know what has happened, but overnight he has turned into a stinky, loud, annoying pig. Doesn't he know I need a comfortable peaceful environment to grow our baby? If he keeps up his piggy behavior it's going to be nothing but freaking hostile! ...more