Springtime Issues

So, the weather is finally starting to get nice around here, though now I'm faced with a dilemma: do I open up the house to air it out, keeping in mind that I'm ridiculously allergic to oak tree pollen and the oak trees are doing their sexy-time thing, or do I keep the house closed up, and continue what will forever be known as 2013, the Year of the Stomach Bug? Today the choice was air it out. My eyes ...more

A Few Years Later...

Trout was giving me a hard time about her being "a stick" and me decidedly not being a stick, more like the opposite of stick. We had a long discussion about body types and image and how "stick" isn't something to aspire to and she really shouldn't become all that attached to her stick, because it likely is fleeting. We talked about how having a healthy body is most important, regardless of appearance, because I used to be a stick ...more

Over It

Uncle. I'm done ....more

I Caught a Break, but Not the Kind I Wanted

So, remember my ankle? The one I broke back on July 2? It's still broken. I know! I wore a boot for 2.5 months, did PT for 8 weeks, and it was still hurting and more concerning, still swollen. My PT suggested wearing compression socks, but I went to a foot specialist who has been treating Trout for pain and joint instability; he's the only one who diagnosed her with one leg longer than the other (which should even ...more

Somewhere Along the Line, I Must Have Done Something Right

So, we've had a trying time of late. Little Man is still struggling with school, my ankle is still giving me trouble and I'm headed to another specialist in a couple of weeks, we've had some hiccups with Nemo as far as his diagnosis and therapy is concerned, BigDaddyFish has had some health issues for which he'll have surgery in a couple of weeks, Trout is 13 and good Lord is she 13, and, unsurprisingly, my blood pressure is up ...more

Doing the Hard Things

"Mom, I'm not ready for this test. Can I stay home and study for it, then make it up later? Please?" I hugged him hard, told him to just do the best he could, and sent him to school. He told me later that he almost cried and felt sick to his stomach just before the test. He said he thought he wrote a great introduction, but couldn't write anything else ....more

Nemo's Big Day

We've been deep in recovery mode around here, as well as trying to finish up all summer reading and math work (even if it kills us, which it might), and maybe having some fun along the way. About a week and a half ago Nemo had his second eye surgery, which went well although he took a long time to come out of the anesthesia this time and that was worrisome, but we got it done in time to allow ...more

I Zigged and my Ankle Zagged

Or, the story of how I totally wrecked my ankle. Friday we left for a quick camping vacation at Janes Island State Park, where we went last year and had such a good time. We knew they were calling for hot, humid weather as well as some afternoon storms, but having lived in the mid-atlantic for our whole lives we thought we knew what to expect. It's summer, afternoon storms are kinda typical for us. If you live outside DC/in ...more

I Survived the School Year

I typed up a whole long post, but typepad ate it, so let me 'splain; no, too long, let me sum up: Buttercup is marrying...no, not that sum up ....more