Fit Mommy: He calls me his hot stylist!

It feels good to feel needed, even if it is just for a haircut. For at least a half of a decade, I have been cutting my husband’s hair. Call it a money saver, or just call it convenience but he likes that I cut his hair instead a real barber. My kids actually go to a barber shop because I find the whole experience to be too frustrating. They wiggle, squirm and cry while I am simply trying to cut off enough hair to see their eyes. After too many screaming matches between my kids and I, I finally let the professionals talk them into it....more

I know how hard it can be to get kids to stay still during a haircut. Do they fidget at the ...more

Fit Mommy: A clean refrigerator is a clean slate for a New Year

As I looked into my refrigerator post New Year's, I had to make an overhaul of change. "New year, new fridge" is my new mantra (at least for this week). I couldn't even see the good healthy stuff because the bad food stuff was in front. Goodbye half eaten cream-filled casserole! Goodbye spinach dip! Goodbye to that moldy unidentifiable sludge! ...more

Fit Mommy: Fitness Fruitcake?

Aunt Erma gave you a holiday fruitcake: Now what? Well, don’t even try to eat it, and don’t give it to someone else. Both options are horrible (and unusually cruel)....more