365 Raw challenge

I am on day 5 of my 365 Raw challenge. My challenge is to eat a 100% raw food diet for 365 days.My wish is to get as many people involved in this as I can.I would love to have company on my journey over the next 365 days and so I am extending an invitation to all to come and join me.You don't have to do the whole 365 days, just as much as you think you can commit to.So, 1 day, 2 days, a week, whatever period of time you feel is realistic for you.My aim is to get as many people involved and to spread the word about raw food....more

Change Your World

Yesterday I was listening to a marketing seminar by Suzanne Evans and one of her bullet lines was ‘Don’t try to change the world, change your world’. A spin on Gandhi’s famous ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ and something that immediately resonated with me....more

Fitzine - our new weekly newsletter

The Fit Option has just launched its own weekly newsletter the 'Fitzine'. It is chocked full of tips and advice on how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.If you want to keep up to date with whats going on at The Fit Option then follow the link here and sign up free right now.The Fit OptionSpecialists in yoga, personal fitness training, raw food and how to live a simple healthy life....more

Taking the emotion out of eating but not the enjoyment

Pretty much all of us have been there at some stage or another. Consoling ourselves over the break up of a relationship, a bad day at work, the kids playing up, the weather being grey and wet. Almost all and every excuse we can think of to have another slice of cake, eat the rest of that box of chocolates, or for those with a more savoury tooth devour those tortilla chips smothered in sour cream and cheese....more

Orthorexia Nervosa

The term 'Orthorexia Nervosa' has been doing the rounds for some time. I wrote a blog post about it last year - see here. It popped up again this morning in the papers you can see the article here....more


Every day is a blessing to me and the opportunity to take another step forwards along my journey. To make myself better than I was yesterday, to move beyond my expectations and achieve more of my goals....more

The Quick Fix - is it worth it??

It seems in today's world that there is a pill for everything. Brightly coloured, smartie looking pills that we are encouraged to take for a whole range of symptoms, diseases and conditions. So it should come as no surprise that there are pills that we can take to make us lose weight. Diet pills have been in the news this week as it has been revealed that 'celebrity' Michelle Heaton has been left with a heart condition after using these diet pills regularly for some time....more

Winter sun

We have just spent our first winter down here in southern Spain and it has been amazing. That it is only March and I already have a sun tan is somewhat miraculous as back home in the UK I would still be swaddled in layers of jumpers, hats and scarves. Last Christmas we were snowed in for a week and when I did manage to get out me and the car ended up being pulled out of a ditch by my local farmer and his tractor. This Christmas we picnicked on the beach, oohh the difference a year makes!!...more

Downsizing and Decluttering my Life

Once we had made the decision to go for it and travel indefinitely in a caravan we then had the mammoth task of packing up our house and belongings. At first we were planning to store them but when it became apparent that storage costs had soared since the last time we had ventured abroad; seriously someone explain why I would pay extortionate sums to rent something the size of an airing cuboard!!...more

Living the Simple Life

We have all dreamed of running off overseas and living in the sun at some point in our live's right? Usually when its cold and wet outside and the hands on the clock move as though they are waiding through thick treacle that is keeping them rooted at four o'clock. I have, many times. We even achieved it once and transported ourselves from the insescant rain and wet that is the Lake District to the western coast of France and a much hotter and altogether less wet oasis of French village life....more