10 Ways Humans Benefit By Adopting Cats

Most of you already know that June is Adopt-A-Cat Month, and this year I think we kitties should step up our game. There are lots of homeless cats out there that need our help. So I hope you will all put on your thinking caps and come up with new ways to promote cat adoption — and that those of you who blog will write posts about what you come up with....more
This is so cute! I agree with each point. Then again, three adopted kitties are currently ...more

I’m Writing a #TwitterFiction Story!

From March 12 through March 16, there is a fiction writing festival on Twitter! It’s called (logically) the Twitter Fiction Festival and it’s both official and not official. The official part is a partnership between the Association of American Publishers and Penguin Random House and an impressive list of featured authors ....more

Striking Back for Lux the Cat

I have something serious to discuss with you today. But first I want to pose a hypothetical situation to you humans: What would you do if something that was close to your size hurt you...more

What Was My Human Thinking When She Took These Photos?

* * * Having problems with your human or the other cats in your house? As the internet’s “Dear Abby With Claws,” I have answers to many annoying problems in my two award-winning books! Visit my author’s page on Amazon to buy one or both of my awesome Dear Sparkle books! ...more

Tortie Tuesday: Guardian of the Stairs

The way our house is laid out, there is a spiral staircase that separates the living room and my human’s office from the rest of the house. These steps get some nice afternoon sun puddles. The only problem is that it seems like some human is always coming up or down them ....more

An Evening With the Acro-Cats

The Acro-Cats have been in our town for a couple of weeks, and my human finally was able to break away from everything she is doing to see them! The last time they were here was two years ago so she was really excited. This trip to Los Angeles has not been the best for them ....more

Sunday Catinee: With Humans?

Yes, this week’s Sunday Catinee is an all-human edition! But it’s because I have something to prove: only cats can get away with behaving the way we do. Humans can try to imitate us, but it will never look good on them ....more

Caturday Art: The Doorway Edition

I really liked all the effects of my Caturday Art last week, but the only problem is that most phone apps...more

Professional Pet Sitters Week and Suitcase Tips

I did not want Professional Pet Sitters Week to pass by unnoticed! Because if there is a pet sitter coming to your home, it means (usually) that your humans are going away. And it is important to know how long your humans are going to be replaced by a pet sitter! ...more

Kong Treats Winner!

I am disgruntled no longer! Why? I have a winner for this package of Kong Moist Treats! ...more