Diagnosis: Diastasis Recti

Did you know that 1 out of 3 women have a separation of their abdominal muscles during and after pregnancy? Did you know that in many cases these muscles do not return to normal? Finally, did you know that traditional crunches and planks can only make this separation worse leading to a "pouch" in a mama's lower abdominals?I didn't either.But, last week, I got a text from a girlfriend with a proposal/request for a post related to Diastasis Recti (a.k.a. the mommy tummy). ...more

cloth diapering 101

I have so many friends who are pregnant ask about our experience with cloth diapering. I thought it would be easiest to just write up a post about it!Why do we cloth diaper? This sums it up nicely....more

3 Tips to Tackle the "Toddler Trail"

It always starts out the same. Littles happily playing together creating a glorious pile of toys (and in our house a few baby dolls). When all of a sudden they instantaneously change their mind and realize they would rather be playing with blocks. So they ditch the dolls and toys and then it happens…the giant box of blocks is dumped across the living room floor. The sound of blocks hitting the floor can be cringe inducing....more

Travel with Kids: Adjusting Our Expectations as Parents

My husband and I just returned home from a weekend at the beach with our two littles. We had a great time playing in the sand and surf. As my husband and I walked the Miami Beach boardwalk he asked me what I would share from this trip on Fit for Moms. So we started chatting, and I knew exactly what direction I would head…...more

A Mid-Week Opportunity

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”-Buddha...more

Move Your Own Mom Mountains

It was one of those nights. Husband gone for work, both girls needing something at what felt like the same exact second, dog begging for a walk, water boiling over while cooking rice, spilled lemonade during dinner, laundry needing to be done. It seemed like everything and everyone needed me at that very moment. The pile of stuff to do seemed to be a mile high. And it felt like it just kept going… up… up… up....more
I really needed this today - thank you! :)more