Easy, Healthy (for pie), Vegan, Gluten-free German Sweet Chocolate Pie

Growing up, I often felt my mother spoke through food. You knew which friends were tolerated with caution, which had earned approval, and which were beloved by the warmth of the kitchen. ...more

Product review: Razz Tightening Serum from Colorado Aromatics

This post has been backlogged in drafts so long it’s shameful. I suppose it’s taken a back seat–or more like, behind the back seat, shoved in the trunk in a hidden little ball– because I don’t often do product reviews, and when I do, they’re naturally about food. These days, however, I tend to hope that I appear more rested than I actually am, and keep company with a whole bunch of others who find themselves feeling the same more often than not ....more

Spaghetti Squash Hash Browns/slow cooker spaghetti squash

Considering the Curcubit (squash/gourd) family, doesn’t spaghetti squash deserve a break? A solid, sunny-faced jock drawn to drama, but always stuck playing a single role. Noodles ....more

Chipotle lime walnut “tuna” salad with vegan (Just Mayo) mayonnaise

This mayo-less mayo stuff is really growing on me. While that may come across as less than flattering in comparison to the pop and wow of instant adoration, for me it’s a statement that says a lot. Prior to a month or so ago, the mere mention of the word “mayonnaise” had a tendency to turn my stomach ....more

National Pumpkin Day: Quinoa Chili, Quinoa Shake

Happy National Pumpkin Day! Belated. It was three days ago, and I made this irresistably sunshiny shake in celebration ....more

Vegan pumpkin chip bread (with Just Mayo)

In case two posts in a row wasn’t hint enough, I’ve been a little bedazzled by pumpkin and chocolate lately. I...more

Chocolate pumpkin pie (gluten free, dairy free, low sugar–maple sweetened)

It’s October, and fields, roadsides, and homes everywhere are beaming...more

Baked polenta fries with honey mustard sauce

Cutting rolls of prepared polenta into fun fry shapes, an impish, nagging little wisp of a thought flit through my mind. Is this kind of snack going to be just a transparent attempt at trickery one day, maybe soon? Something we can’t quite buy into, like tofurkey and friends? ...more

Quinoa clementine honey almond cake

The reasons I’ve been tentative about posting this simple yet sophisticated cake have nothing to do with taste, expense, or prep/effort required. It’s scrumptious. Elegant enough for dessert, yet...more

Gluten-Free Quinoa Fig “Newton” and Whole Wheat Fig “Newton” Bars

I’ve been waiting for these fig bars to make it to the Ancient Harvest recipe pages so I could share! I love them, and they’re refined sugar free (nothing but figs, dates, and a little pure orange sweetening these), and most importantly, Little Monkey loves them, too. Or should I say, alas, Not-So-Little Monkey, *sniff* ....more