The Prisons Inside Us

So Erica Jong has written this very antagonistic go-for-the-jugular piece railing against full-time mothers and mothers who have chosen to stay at home to some degree or another and attachment parent.  She says we are looking at a twenty year prison sentence, and that these new trends in making more time to love and hold and nurse and raise our young are “harmful” to women and families.    Let’s just say that I have gone right for the bait and lashed back at her in defensive facebook updates that mimic her in tenor and tone.  Let’s say that I have seen my own form o...more

Mom Material

A year into motherhood at the age of 44, I am realizing that part of the reason I put off having a child for so long was that I never really thought I was mom material.  I thought that moms, like brides, were something that other women got to be.  Now my family and friends pointed out my way with children from the time I myself was a child.  I think I was about eight the first time I babysat, and when I became a teenager I took a summer job working as a camp counselor.  When my college friends started having kids about ten years ago they were quick to point out my talent...more

Down Is Up

              The feminists look at me and the lifestyle I have chosen in my new motherhood, a choice to stay at home and nurse and attachment-parent my child, as a regression, a relapse into an old way of thinking about women solely as mothers and housewives.  But, if I may say so, this time around there is something different about it.  This time around women are coming to this choice with a new consciousness, a sense of alternatives....more