So, this happened. Let’s back up a month. Actually, let’s back up ten months ....more

That’s me, the captain of industry

at the supper table tonight JENNIFER: So, if somebody asked you what Daddy did for work, what would you tell them? HENRY AND ELEANOR: He works at the paper, he...more

I have nothing much to blog about and it’s wonderful.

There were lots of things I had on my to-do list this weekend. Rooms to paint. Mulch to spread ....more

1st grade, 2 kids, 3rd week

We live just down the road from our grade school, and pass it often. I’d look at it and try to imagine Henry and Eleanor being old enough to attend, and then tell myself, “well, at least we’ve got 6 years.” But then 6 years became 5 became 4 became 3 became 2 became 1 became Henry and Eleanor began their lives as big-kid grade-schoolers two weeks ago Monday. This school year is one of many transitions for us ....more

Things I Never Thought I’d Say and Then I Had Kids

No, I’ve never gotten weed killer for Christmas. You can dance around but you have to keep your pants on. Oh, I couldn’t tell if you were tired or pooping. So I need to tell you to stop…but honestly, that’s a really good impression of the cat puking ....more


On Tuesday, I got ready to drag the kids along for a morning of errands. As I gave them outfits to change into, Henry asked me, “Mom, can I wear my Bumblebee costume?” Why not? I thought. “Sure, kid, that’d be great.” ...more

Star Wars State Museum Spectacular

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Or, you know, two weeks ago, at the Indiana State Museum downtown…I weaseled my way into the media preview of the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit ....more

No, Nope, Nuh-uh, Non.

Back in January, it seemed like every mommy blogger chose a “word of the year” in lieu of any resolutions. Posts were full of words like “bloom” or “savor” or “inspire,” usually typeset against a calming nature photo or Pinterest-worthy artwork, with platitudes about living your best life or whatever. Well, it took me halfway through the year, but I chose my word ....more

Fat to Fit Friday: so I did a half marathon

After a few months of training and lots (and lots) (and LOTS) of “wait, why are we doing this again?” I did my first half marathon two weeks ago ....more

Longest. Winter. EVER. (said in my best Comic Book Guy voice)

So with nine inches of snow on Sunday night and yesterday, we apparently broke a snowfall record from 1912. According to my calendar, it’s spring. Can someone make sure Mother Nature gets the memo? ...more