Spooky Owl Statue Image!

Today I’m offering this Spooky Owl Statue Image! Featured above is an unusual looking engraving of an Owl Statue! He appears to be an angry Owl… I thought he was awfully creepy looking and could work well in your Halloween or Gothic Style projects!...more

14 DIY Tabletop Accents

Today I’ve rounded up 14 DIY Tabletop Accents! All of these pretty crafts and projects were created using Vintage Graphics from my site. These projects have been posted on my site in the past, and now I’d like to share them in one place so you don’t have to search for them! ...more

Christmas Flower Card Image!

This is a wonderful Christmas Flower Card Image! Featured here is a very pretty Antique Christmas Card with a lovely Pink Flower on it. The card has a charming scalloped edge and the greeting on it is “Bright be Your Christmas” ....more

Halloween Booth Display – Reader Featured Project

This evening’s reader featured project is a fabulous Halloween Booth Display from Geniece from Funky Junk From The...more

Floral Embroidery Patterns – Pretty!

Today I’m offering these Pretty Floral Embroidery Patterns! This one was scanned from an Antique, Circa 1860 Ladies Hand Book, this book is filled with all sorts of different sewing and embroidery designs! Featured above are two lovely Line Art Patterns of a Flowering Vine ....more

Butterfly Bureau – Reader Featured Project

Today’s reader featured project is a stunning Butterfly Bureau from Vikki at Tatty to Natty! Vikki painted this bureau in layers of blue and distressed it to show the different shades before decorating it with a variety of The Graphics Fairy’s Butterfly Images! You can find a list of Transfer Methods HERE! ...more

Cute Vintage Thanksgiving Card!

This is a cute Vintage Thanksgiving Card! Featured here is a sweet image of a little Girl sitting on top of a large Pumpkin! She’s wearing a red Dress with a matching bow in her hair, and a lace collar ....more

Burlap Reindeer Pillow – Reader Featured Project

This evening’s reader featured project is a gorgeous Burlap Reindeer Pillow from Laura, who has an Etsy shop Naptime DIYer! Laura used the TAP Transfer Method to add The Graphics Fairy’s Vintage Clip Art – Reindeer With Antlers Silhouette...more

Halloween Snake Label Image!

This is an interesting old Halloween Snake Label Image! This one was scanned from a rare, and early, Antique Printer’s book Circa 1828. Featured above is a primitive picture of a curvy Snake inside of an Oval frame ....more

French Sideboard – Reader Featured Project

Today’s reader featured project is a beautiful French Sideboard from Marie at The Interior Frugalista!...more