Flex Forward #3: The changing nature of work - part II…it’s all about YOU

 From my earlier piece this week, I proposed that it’s the pace of change that is at the heart of the issue. How are you participating in this evolutionary progress?Embracing the Opportunities...more

Flex Forward: The changing nature of work (and what that means for you)

 It's about flexibility, and then some. The paradigm shift is that distinct definitions and rigid boundaries are blurring and fading…what does that really mean?The practicalities of society's dramatic changes over the last half century are heralding, or perhaps begging for, the updating and evolution of the employment models. However, the technological advances are generating much more disruption for the workplace norms.Blurring Boundaries...more

Flex Forward #1: Workplace Flexibility - Evolution Not Revolution

We have heard much about workplace flexibility recently, with no small thanks to Anne-Marie Slaughter, Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg. While not all positive in content, the debates are active, thoughtful and long overdue.Context is critical...more