In the Kitchen: Panna Cotta and Florentine Cookies

Earlier this year I joined The Daring Kitchen, a group of international bakers who each month take on a new challenge in the kitchen and simulatneously post their challenge r...more

The Hierarchy of Social Media Marketing

Recently I gave a presentation to the Silicon Valley chapter of the American Disc Jockey's Association (ADJA) based on my own experiences using social media to market my businesses and causes. The one element of that presentation I'd like to share with other small business owners, advocates and hobbyists is why a blog post is always my preferred medium to publicize anything. ...more
You're absolutely right, Stacie. However, my YouTube channel is in my mix. I'll record a video ...more

My Flirty Wedding Blog

It was February 2006 when I announced "I'm starting a blog for my company." Why would you do that? Everyone thought it was a bad idea. Not enough time, too revealing, why bother, and I don't think you should, were the comments being made by those around me. But I did start my blog, stuck to it and here two and a half years later? The positives far outweigh the negatives when it comes to my Fun and Flirty Wedding and Lifestyle Blog. ...more

The 5th Annual HSSV Fur Ball 2008

What fun! ...more