Who's House is it Anyway?

The good thing about teenagers getting their Drivers Licenses is that they can run errands for you. The bad thing is (when you have a car loving boy, at least) that they take over what used to be your garage and turn it into a grease monkey haven for wayward boys. Sigh...someday when I grow up I will have a garage of my own. I have beautiful home in a gated community (cue birds chirping and angels singing, now). ...more


If there were ever any doubt that I left the hospital with the right baby, I have unquestionable proof that Anthony is my own spawn.  We were on our way home and going through a neighborhood as we approached four people playing football in the middle of the road.  Their first mistake was that they didn't have a spotter, you know the guy who's job it is to yell out "CAR!!" as vehicles approached, and then "GAME ON!!" as the vehicles drove by, yeah...that guy.  Anyway, two of the people saw us and walked to the side of the street...the other two saw us and kept throwi ...more