Five Minute Friday: Rest

Want to join in on Five Minute Friday? Click here. The word for this week is Rest. Ready, Go: ...more

Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

This Weeks Word: Ordinary (Want to join in? Click here.) Go: ...more

Five Minute Friday: Bare

(Want to join in on Five Minute Friday? Click HERE and start writing!) The word for this week is: Bare GO: When I think about the word bare, I think about something that is naked (eek.) I also think about things that are natural and in their true original state. Something that is real. Not trying to be covered up with something that it is not ....more

Valentine Heart Crayons & A Lesson About Love

Sometimes our kids sure have a lot they can teach us. About simplicity, authenticity, and life. About being who we are without trying to put on a show, or pretend to be…well…anything that we are not. About being enough, because we are enough… ...more

Five Minute Friday: Afraid

Whelp, here we ago again, it’s another Five Minute Friday! And the word for this week is Afraid… Ready. Set. Go… Sometimes I am afraid to be me. Afraid that I’m not good enough. Afraid that my thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, ideas…aren’t good enough ....more

A Little Bit of Chalkboard Love

Last summer my sister gave me this piece of wood. Pretty nice huh!?! Your jealous…oh, I knew it… ...more

Five Minute Friday: Again

Well, here I am again…and once again it is Friday. And it is time for Five Minute Friday. If you want to see the rules so you can start writing along, just check out the link right here :) Hope you all have a most fabulous day! The word for the day is…drum roll…. AGAIN. Ready. Set. Go: Sometimes I really don’t like the word again. But sometimes I think that there is an awful lot to learn from it ....more

Five Minute Friday: Cherished

I discovered 5 minute fridays a few months ago. I’ve participated a few times (in private) but I thought maybe it was time to go big or go home. One of my blog goals this year is to be more myself when I write. None of this forced writing stuff. None of this, I have to fix it until it is perfect stuff. I’m going to just allow me to be. Allow my thoughts to be. And what better way ...more

Busy Bag Geoboards

I know. I know. I KNOW what you are thinking. Didn’t I just write a whole post about how I am NOT in love with crafting, and how I am NOT going to be posting very many craft tutorials anymore etc, etc, yada, yada, yada!?! I know…well, maybe I was feeling a bit extreme. I hope you didn’t get me wrong, that maybe I would never ever, ever never post about crafts again ....more

One Word For The Whole Year

Have you ever sat down to pick a single word for the year?  I guess it is now the latest, greatest, newest thing in terms of New Years Resolutions; though my husband’s Grandmother has been doing it for a long long time. Maybe it was a fad when she was growing up, and it is now finally cycling through again? Or maybe she was the source of the original idea :-) Either way, I like it. I like it a ...more