What We Learned From a Dog DNA Test

When we adopted our dog Winchester in November 2014, he came with a story:...more
Heh. I love that you did the Wisdom DNA test and found some surprising results. We did it for ...more

Reflections on the Eighth Anniversary of A Book Blog's Birth

I started my blog eight years ago today: March 16, 2007. I’ve been at it longer than any job I’ve ever had, except for my current one. Sometimes I think one of the reasons I haven’t seriously looked for other employment for a while –something closer to home, at least–is the outlets and opportunities this blog has given me. They are sources of creativity, expression, and satisfaction I don’t need to look for in my day job now…and so I don’t....more
Yay to eight years!more

Bloggers Don't Have to Pretend to Be Superwoman

This is a story about unfortunate choices made for unfortunate reasons. Both the choices and the reasons matter less than the forces that underlie them. A well-known book blogger took her site offline at the beginning of 2015 after a confrontation over reviews that she had plagiarized from other blogs and media websites. Nearly two months later, she published an apology and attempted to explain her actions. ...more
I read this as a cautionary tale.  I am a new blogger, and sometimes overwhelmed by the enormity ...more

Building a Better Conference for Book Bloggers: An Open Letter to BookExpo America

I recognize that as part of BookExpo America, the BEA Bloggers Conference needs to address publishing-industry interests as well as those of bloggers. While those interests often align, there are also differences to consider. BEA Bloggers seems to be giving more weight to bloggers' interests each year, but there's still room to do more...if it wants to. ...more
Karen Ballum I got the same impression about less generally negative response to this year's ...more

Sunday Salon: right here, right now (May 19, 2013)

Time: Saturday evening, for posting Sunday morning Place: Home ...more

Weekly Top Posts: 2013-05-19

Sunday Salon: Right Here, Right Now--Mother's Day! Wordless Wednesday: Smile! Book Talk: TELEGRAPH AVENUE, by Michael Chabon ...more