Building a Better Conference for Book Bloggers: An Open Letter to BookExpo America

I recognize that as part of BookExpo America, the BEA Bloggers Conference needs to address publishing-industry interests as well as those of bloggers. While those interests often align, there are also differences to consider. BEA Bloggers seems to be giving more weight to bloggers' interests each year, but there's still room to do more...if it wants to. ...more
Karen Ballum I got the same impression about less generally negative response to this year's ...more

Sunday Salon: right here, right now (May 19, 2013)

Time: Saturday evening, for posting Sunday morning Place: Home ...more

Weekly Top Posts: 2013-05-19

Sunday Salon: Right Here, Right Now--Mother's Day! Wordless Wednesday: Smile! Book Talk: TELEGRAPH AVENUE, by Michael Chabon ...more

Sunday Salon: Right Here, Right Now--Mother's Day!

Time: Early morning (it's still "early" till 9 AM, right?) Place: Still in bed, writing on the iPad Eating: Nothing yet. Staying in this morning--on a kid-free Mother's Day--and thinking about whether I want to do something different for breakfast. ...more

Weekly Top Posts: 2013-05-12

Wordless Wednesday: "Only a mother could love..." #readchabon, check-in the last: In Summary (spoiler warning!) ...more