Am I Raising Chauvinists?

I had a revelation this morning, while washing dishes. I'd just vented to my husband -- yet again -- about being the only one in the house who did any cleaning. And I realized that our household division of labor was giving my sons a skewed view of my life. ...more

I think the rolled eyes regarding the chores is a teen thing, boy or girl. If you feel that ...more

The Trouble with Twilight

Spoiler alert: This post covers things that happen over the course of three books in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. If you have not read the books, you may want to skip this blog entry. ...more

I hated a lot of third books in the past year or so and have come to dread them. Authors seem to ...more

Sometimes, I just need to be a girl

I spent two hours on Friday with my best friend. And without my kids. It was much easier to balance "me time" with "family time" when I worked outside the home. I drove to the office every day and made plans with friends for lunch or shopping trips or mini spa escapes. I could run errands or just spend an hour at the bookstore, browsing the magazine racks. ...more

I have found that a set time when I can escape really helps. On and off since I have been a ...more

Boot camp is not for babies

Whatever misguided notion I had when I enrolled in a four-week fitness boot camp should have disolved by the time the next one started. Why, then, did I make the monumentally stupid decision to sign up for another session? I've probably asked myslef this question no fewer than 100 times a day, particularly at o'dark-thirty as I'm driving to the gym. I still don't have a good answer. The best thing I can come up with is that I need results and four weeks fo working out while eating the same old crap did nothing to tighten the jiggle, reduce the wiggle and drop the pounds. ...more

The Heat Is On

Here it is, halfway through July and my crafting is basically at a complete standstill. It's hard enough to get anything done with just the little one but with all three kids, my daily dose of sanity keeping is drier than my parched lawn. I need my crafty fix!   ...more

New to BlogHer and I have no idea what I'm doing

Hi, y'all! I'm Mary and completely new to BlogHer. I've been blogging for about a year and a half and really enjoy it a lot, more than I realized I would. It's just been a great creative outlet and I've loved the connections I've made with other people all over the world (although my reader from New Zealand was my friend before I started blogging, so I'm not sure if she counts still LOL!). Anyone want to show me the ropes?  ...more