Enough is Enough

This is for all of you with your toes gripping the edge of change, moments from tipping. It's for you,...more

Let's Pretend it's Saturday

I had every intention of posting this over the weekend, but the view kept getting in my way...Alas, here it is, all the important stuff to start your week!:: You guys about slayed me dead with your comments on the post I wrote about The Good Story. See how vibrant we are? See what a creative genius God is with the way He speaks directly to our hearts and births these wild, hopeful dreams in each of us? ...more

What it Means to be Wanted

{Matt - released yesterday} My life has become inextricably, intoxicatingly enmeshed with prisoners, women and men who have known a life without freedom, who understand what it means to claw towards the light. Though my relationships with them don't match the intensity of Cory's by half,...more

Ruby's 25:40 Love

You know how moms are always joking that they blinked and their kids were grown? I'm starting to understand just how stone-cold serious it is. We're in a phase right now where our middlest, Ruby River, is blooming right in front of our eyes.I think it only has 15-27% to do with the fact that she got her ears pierced back in February ....more

Trading Nickels

"The life I have chosen as wife and mother entrains a whole caravan of complications."...more

The Good Story - A Giveaway

When I was a kid, I believed some unlucky suckers were called to be missionaries and the rest of us got to just be normal. (See what an entire lifetime of full-immersion evangelicalism can get you? Yeesh.)In more recent years, God is shoving nudging us along the path of believing we're all created to be locked into a unique mission ....more

The Freedom of Not Knowing Much

There was a time, not so long ago, when I thought I knew a lot of things.I could spout off at the mouth with the best of them. I knew the lingo and could parrot all the lines. It was my duty to be right ....more

Scenes from a Throw-Back

It's Monday morning, and I'll confess, I could use a little tenderness.Don't we all feel this way on the kind of Monday mornings that start on the slow side while rain pings the pane? Or is it just me?Complicating matters, I'm fresh off an Ohio adventure with Si and Ruby. Just get ready, people ....more

DIY Bi Bim Bap

It's been a while since I've posted a weird recipe, so I thought I'd better fix that.Soy-Ginger Pot Roast is the base of this dish, and it's so easy. You season it, sear it, then roast it slow and low. When it's all said and done, the meat falls apart with a fork and you want to ferment a veg and marry an Asian man.The first time it, we served it over egg noodles, like the recipe suggests ....more


A few nights ago I read something that referenced 40 being half a lifetime. It wasn't exactly news to me, but statements like that take on a new air of urgency when you find yourself standing at almost-39.I don't mind aging, but I'd rather not be confronted with a half-over life.For the first time, all the dudes putting gel in their (vanishing) hair and driving off in sports cars made just a bit of sense. From these front-row seats, I can feel the pull to recapture some of what's left ....more