What To Wear When You're Lost

I spent this morning listening to grim stories on the news; filtering through headlines that remind me this world is broken, this world is hurting and raging and mostly, it is lost.We need our Savior.And He's here. Emmanuel.But I'm lost in the lostness. I'm that child alone in the parking lot, looking for a familiar face, waiting for arms outstretched for me.I don't know what to do about anything.Does anyone? ...more


Did you guys know today is legendary?15 years ago today, I donned a puffy, too-short dress, re-routed myself past the "center aisle door" that had mysteriously been BOARDED SHUT for reasons I still don't know, walked down the aisle towering a full head over my cute Dad, and married the man God gave me for life. We are similar in so many ways and also polar opposites in others, which probably makes us an ideal match. I learn from his example everyday and look forward to nothing more than our low-key evenings puttering around this little house or watching shows from the couch.If you're tempted to believe our story has been edged in roses, you're wrong ....more

Living in the Outtakes (New Family Pics)

Of all the messes we make and we are around here, Sunday mornings are the hottest ones.It doesn't matter what we do or how we try or how everyone slept the night before, we are immune to getting our act together. We're incapable of forging a new path. We're rushed and cranky and on occasion, there is blood-shed.We fly out the door for church - the one positioned just a breezy, 2 minute walk from our front door - leaving the house looking like a crime scene and the cat happy to have us gone.On our best days, we squeeze into the pew somewhere during the first hymn.On our worst? ...more

2 Books That Are Changing Me

Five years ago, my comfy good-girl life was split at the seams by a sermon series that soon after became this book. (It seems impossible that it was five years ago, but I just counted on my claws and yep, five.) Prior to that, we were good Christian people live honest, Christian lives. We did all the things we thought Christian people were supposed to do, things like putting down deep roots, living within our means, attending church, tithing, and not being mean to our neighbors ....more

I Know A Boy

I know a boy who told me about the nights, some 12 years ago, when he would sit up 'til morning on the couch with a loaded gun on the table beside him. He was scared, all alone while his dad worked the graveyard shift, his younger sister asleep down the hall. He was the Man of the House, he was told, tasked with protecting them if the wrong dude came knocking ....more

Palms Up, Hair Down

I dropped the kids off at school this morning then kept on walking in a straight line, into the heart of downtown, through the kinds of neighborhoods that make magazine covers and the kinds most of us avoid.(If my city has both, yours does, too.)Lining every block were homes filled with people who all want the same things, deep down. We're mothers and wives and sisters and friends. We care for our families and take pride in certain things ....more

Blue-Ribbon Amish Dill Pickles

I sprung upon a hot streak of luck yesterday and found a bunch of fresh heads of dill.Admittedly, it can be tricky to come by.I was at a local farm stand buying beans. They didn't have any dill out, so I asked the girl in the bonnet and she said nope, there was none. But, she thought the lady who owns the stand might know where I could get some.Sure enough, she grabbed her scissors and walked behind her house!!!!!! ...more

The Internet Wins - The FPFG Sleep-Over

I used to be a lonely girl.Most people wouldn't have guessed this. I moved easily in groups. I wasn't overly shy ....more

Dressing Ruby on A Dime

Ruby may have been the best dressed baby on the universe.It didn't hurt that she was one of the first girls in a family full of boys.We clued in pretty quickly that it *might* be more fun to shop for her than it had been for all the fricks and fracks....more

FPFG Noonday Trunk-Show (Be With Us In Spirit!)

So, this just happened.(With the gracious help of several of my friends who bailed me out and to whom I am eternally grateful. Extra-mad props to Lauren and to my post-party platter lickers cleaner-uppers, Timi and Sarah.)There was pie. And bacon ....more