Shirt vs. Potato Skin, Bobby Flay.

Although I probably watch entirely too much television, I don't really have any shows that I Absolutely Cannot Miss. (My fingers are crossed behind my back right now, because I sort of can't miss Days of Our Lives or The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I justify my viewing of these shows in the following manner: In my mind, the average age of a Days of Our Lives fan is 60. Secret Life fan? 20. At (nearly) 40, I am The MEAN! ...more

I'm right there with you on Mr. Brown. (I'm all about The Men of Food Network. They need a ...more

Hell Is Trash Collection

A little over a year ago, Jeff noticed that he was paying our trash people more than once each month. (And when I say Our Trash People, I mean the environmental service that comes to our house on Thursday mornings to haul away the things that we DIDN'T recycle. I'm still wearing my Birkenstocks.) Anyway, when he pulled up the information online, he realized that he had been double paying for the past six months! He quickly called Our Trash People (OTP) to figure out what was going on....more

I honestly do not want to admit how hard I laughed at this. It's embarrassing. *wipes tears*I ...more

My Child Ate a Diamond

Yesterday I cleaned the girls’ room for the first time ever. It took over eight hours, and the final result is this: Three tons of toys have been donated to charity, another ton of (mostly broken) toys have been thrown away. Now? Every toy has a place. That’s a huge deal for us. As I cleaned and tossed (and grew more irritable than I care to admit), I came across a little plastic gem-like thing. As I threw it in the trash, Harper screamed. “THAT’S MY DIAMOND! YOU CAN’T THROW AWAY MY DIAMOND!”...more

True Story, Last year I ate the hand of a Baby Jesus that was hidden in a King Cake.  ...more

I Drank Barium

While we were on vacation, something crazy happened that led me to call my doctor once again for the Mystery Abdominal Thing. Long story short? We scheduled a CT scan!Lady at Scheduling: Your test will be on Thursday at 3:30, but we'll need you to be here at 2:30 for registration. AND, you'll need to stop eating and drinking at 11:30 so we can get an accurate result.Me: Okay and okay! ...more

The only way the idodine injection does any good is if you first run around the hospital ...more

A Tale of Cake Karma

Fact: When I was a kid, my mom took my sister and I to school every morning and picked us up every afternoon.Fact: Every year in the fall (no foreshadowing pun intended), our elementary school would hold a Family Fun Night. And that Family Fun Night included a cake walk.Fact: My mom used to be quite a cake maker. She has been known to create wedding cakes. No joke. ...more

Ahahaha!  Love the details about the jump suit.  Nice.