The Cost of Saving Yourself

"I had the most amazing conversation with her about my goals and my fears. It was so emotional, but so positive at the same time," she told me. "So are you going to do it? I think it sounds awesome!" "Well, if I do it I'm going to have to go without pretty much everything for the next year, because it's really expensive. Like no cable, no shopping, no crossfit, no gym, nothing."...more
I loved this post on your blog, and I love it here!  My yoga teacher reminds us every time I go ...more

Why I Gave Up On Diets

Diet is such an ugly word, isn't it? When I hear "diet", I think, "fad", as if it's just a short-term solution with no real sustainability. And I also think of suffering. Unfathomable human suffering. ...more

The Trouble With Labels

Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in a book, you find yourself completely transported into the mind of the main character, where all of their thoughts become your thoughts and their feelings your feelings?...more

What is Orthorexia?: The Thin Line Between Healthy Eating and Unhealthy Obsession

Upon hearing the words "eating disorder,"its likely the images of an emaciated woman refusing food or another taking frequent trips to the bathroom to throw up are conjured....more