Back on the trail

According to Friedrich Nietzsche...more

Shakshuka with feta and smoky eggplant

Shakshuka. It’s not fussy. The details don’t matter, nor the total focus of the cook ....more

Stress eating

{Echinops in the Golan Heights, Israel} Air raid sirens send me in a panic. This summer we had many of them. Aside from that life goes on as usual- work, home and the daily routine- with a few changes to avoid being bombed ....more

My limoncello tree

It took a decade to make my first limoncello....more

A stop at a Druze village

Man plans and God laughs If there’s one thing I’ve learnt-you never know what will happen tomorrow. Last Passover we were supposed to have hiked the first six days of the Israel trail, the only part I didn’t do. Instead I became a full time caregiver ....more

Bauhinia and urban foraging in Israel

{Above: Bauhinia variegata} It’s a waste of money to go to the botanical gardens in Israel....more

A tale of two markets

A few weeks ago I went on a spontaneous mini holiday to Switzerland. ...more

A Galilean feast

There’s an exuberant potager’s garden surrounding Erez’s Komarovsky’s Galilean cooking school, the lush vegetation tumbling over the rocky borders. As I make my way down the stone path I recognize za’atar, rosemary, white savory, thyme, lavender….herbs used in folk medicine and to flavor regional cuisine. These are the same plants Erez uses in the food he prepares- food that harbors the essence of the land ....more

Tbilisi outdoor market

The upside of not knowing the local language is that you never know where the taxi man is going to drop you off. We wanted to go to the Tbilisi outdoor market. Instead we ended up at the biggest, newest and shiniest supermarket in town ....more

Tea time

We are renovating our house with all the mayhem that comes with it. It’s indulgent to whine about it since being able to fix the house in the first place is a rather good position to be in. So I remind myself that it’s temporary- the thick layer silt over everything, the noise, even the burst sewage pipe in the kitchen ....more