Cherry Cobbler with Fresh Whipped Cream

I absolutely, without a doubt, love cherry season. We also know it as cobbler, clafouti, ...more

Grilled Cabbage

This is our third week of being offered these lovely little cabbages in our Full Diet CSA. It is so interesting because about three weeks ago I received Cooks Country in the mail. My In-Laws get a subscription for me every year for the winter holidays, and I love flipping through the issues ogling the [...] ...more

Red Potato Salad with Fresh Dill

We have been getting these beautiful, Spring red potatoes from our CSA. The thing about these potatoes is they have a ...more

Oakhill Organics Full Diet CSA Adventure- 6 Months In

Welcome to our full diet experience, week 26. We are half way through the first year, and are still feeling extremely fortunate, to be having this wonderful experience. We feel blessed to be sharing this food adventure with our children,  fellow Oakhill Organics full dieters, and our Oakhill Organics Team ....more

Herbed Quinoa Stuffed Butternut Squash

Today starts our eleventh week of our Oakhill Organics Full Diet CSA adventure. In the last few weeks we have been offered, and have taken home pork, lamb organs, beef and beef organs, milk, eggs(1 dozen per adult),Tiger’s Eye Beans, Jacobs Cattle Beans, polenta, millet flour, corn flour, oat flour, walnuts, teff,  teff flour, Liberty [...] ...more

Apple Oat Corn Muffins

My family and I have been fighting a bad cold for the last month. Dominic got it first, and we have just passed it around the house, over the last few weeks. The other day I made these gluten free apple oat corn muffins with the oat flour and cornmeal Dominic brought home from our [...] ...more

Potato, Onion, and Cheese Frittata

We are in our third week of our Full Diet CSA Membership, with Diversified Organic Farm, Oakhill Organics, and loving it.  I have been processing a lot, and cooking a lot of delicious food, but have neglected to take pictures. I have it in my mind that everyone wants to see pictures of the food [...] ...more

Carrot Soup

Last week was our first Oakhill Organics Full Diet CSA pick up. Dominic, our girls and I went together, as a family, to pick up our share. It was really exciting for us, and I had butterflies in my stomach on the way there. Georgia fell asleep about five minutes into the drive. When we thought we [...] ...more

Pork Potstickers

My Sister-In-Law Joanne, is an amazing cook! One time when she and my Brother-In-Law were visiting us from Taiwan, She made potstickers for dinner. These potstickers were flavorful, juicy, and tender, just the way potstickers should be. Of course, nothing compares to Joanne’s potstickers. With that said, take a look at these humble beauties Dominic [...] ...more

Full Diet CSA

As most of you know, my family and I are members of an amazing CSA(Community Supported Agriculture), called Oakhill Organics.  We have been happily picking up organic produce from them for a year. We have signed up to be part of Oakhill Organics “full diet” CSA this year. What is a “full diet” CSA, you ask? [...] ...more