Chocolate Babka

Babka is good. ...more

Fennel Seed Crusted Chicken with Fennel Herb Salad

This dish is a mouthful of spring. And I think spring is finally unpacking it’s boxes and staying for while here in the northeast ....more

Boston Creme Pie Cupcakes


Elevated Eggplant: Caponata


Basic Tomato Sauce

This quick preparation is adapted from Nancy Silverton’s, Mozza cookbook. I used as the foundation for the braising sauce for the meatballs you see here. Silverton calls it a passata di pomodoro, referring to ripe fresh tomatoes at the end of summer harvest in Italy, that are “passed” through a food mill to separate the skin and  seeds from the pulp that will used in countless recipes. Mozza’s version starts with already canned tomatoes ....more

My Oh My Meatballs