Presenting exercise minutes over calorie counts?

What would you think about fast food/chain restaurants displaying the exercise times needed to burn off that cheeseburger and fries you just ordered? Would it dissuade some to order something with less calories if they knew they would have to walk 2 or 3 hours to burn the food off? ...more

How do you stay healthy every day?

This is one of those questions that is not easily answered, is it? Yes, we have choices and make them throughout our busy days, but its not always easy. If you are fortunate to work from home or in a small-like minded work/life balance type of workplace, it can be easier; but, if you work for a larger company or corporation, who knows what mix of tempting foods you'll get throughout the day. Your boss or co-worker can bring donuts in because its Friday, or because the company just won an award or just because -- we can't control that....more
I completely agree with you that we need to take control of our health.  Yes, there are ...more

Wellness: Add 30 Years to your Life

As we learn more and more about the affects of food on our bodies -- such as pinpointing sugar or fat as the primary culprits to endangering our bodies, other factors play a role in our overall wellness. Wellness constitutes a state of optimal well-being that is meant to increase a person's potential. Through the enhancement of getting more physical through exercise, engaging our intellect and "listening" more closely to our emotions, it allows us to also participate more socially with our peers/friends/neighbors....more

Nutrition and Fitness: The Dynamic Duo

I realize that the dynamic duo often refers to Batman and Robin, but could you imagine Batman without Robin? No! Some other great food pairings? ...more

Deceptively Healthy Foods

I like finding what seems to be at first glance, a good snack or food in the grocery store aisle, until I read what is on the back of the label. We are so overcome with what product to buy when we go food shopping now that it just gets confusing and overwhelming. But, to add to that, we need to be careful in what we choose because the product that we think is actually "healthy" comes in a deceptively pretty package with nothing really good for us at all....more

Paleo and Raw Eating: Is it Time to Evolve?

The Paleo Diet   An article from presents some thought-provoking ideas about the Paleo diet....more

WebMD: Allergy App for your phone?!?!

Amazing! An allergy app for your phone? Way to go WebMD mobile. Things that it can do? ...more

10 Terrific Protein Sources for Vegetarians

I for one am not a vegetarian, but it doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of you out there that are! I will say though that I do try to eat vegetarian about twice a week, not only because it is easier on the wallet; but, it is easier on your health too if you are careful in the balance act of foods to eat. I admire those that follow the vegetarian way to the letter, but you can still keep good health by eating mindfully as much as possible by including more fish in your diet as an example....more

Should Food Fears make you think twice?

In reading through my Nutrition Action Newsletter (March 2013) from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, there have been some food fears that should be considered regarding whether or not one should truly be concerned. First off, we all know that there are certain foods that are good for us to eat on a regular basis like salmon, greens, popcorn (natural) and meat (in moderation) but, in further delving into these foods, it is wise to know the difference from say farmed salmon to wild salmon....more

10 Nutrition Myths Uncovered

As you can well imagine, there is so much that changes with nutrition and all that goes with that topic. You may hear that meat is bad for you or milk is bad for you or even grains! But, variety is truly the spice of life. I found the following 10 nutrition myths to be eye-opening. What do you think? Below is an overview of the 10 nutrition myths... ...more