The Farmer and The Fox — And One Glorious Meal

As I sit down to the most incredible popovers of my life, it’s hard to believe I once rifled around to score discounted clothing and purses in this very same spot. Yes, the buildings that make up the long-closed St. Helena Outlet Mall, which once housed Escada, DKNY, Coach and Brooks Brothers, have been […] ...more

The Cookie That Eats Like A Chip

Cookie Chips bills itself as the cookie that eats like a chip. Indeed, the round, wafer-slim cookies are as crisp and thin as potato chips. They’re as addictive, too ....more

Mixx Adds to the Mix of Downtown Mountain View

It was a shame when the short-lived Palo Alto Grill shuttered its doors earlier this year in downtown Palo Alto. But the good news is that its Executive Chef Ryan Shelton has landed just a little farther south at the new Mixx in downtown Mountain View. The casual restaurant, which opened in September, is […] ...more

A Passion for Pickled Persimmons

This is one of those home-made treats that makes people take notice. It adds just a little something special to a charcuterie or cheese platter. And it makes for an eye-opening host/hostess gift ....more

Anderson Seafoods French Sturgeon Caviar and A Food Gal Giveaway

If any food has celebration written all over it, it’s caviar, isn’t it? First, it’s the anticipation that comes with the opening of the tiny jar or tin. Second, the delicate handling of it with a mother of pearl spoon so as not to impart any unwanted metallic taste ....more

Yigit Pura’s Spiced Hazelnut-Almond Mirliton Cake

There’s no shame in going simple. Not even during the holidays. Take this lovely cake, for instance ....more

Four Locally Made Host/Hostess Gifts for the Holidays

Clair De Lune Cookies Crumbly, crisp and utterly melt-in-your-mouth, Chateau Bakery’s Clair de Lune cookies are the perfect holiday treat to share with co-workers or to thank your holiday dinner host. The sugary butter cookies, which were first made in a small European bakery in 1898, are now made in Burlingame by Esther Buss, a […] ...more

Snake River Farms Kobe Ribeye Roast and a Food Gal Giveaway

Consider this the Maserati of meat. Luxurious, extravagant and a work of art in its own right. This is the Snake River Farms American Kobe Gold Grade Eye of Ribeye Roast ....more

Take Five with Cheryl Forberg On Being the Nutritionist For “The Biggest Loser”

You may know Napa Valley resident Cheryl Forberg as the nutritionist for NBC’s smash hit, “The Biggest Loser.’’ What you may not know is how she got that coveted job, or how superstar Chef Jeremiah Tower played a pivotal role in her making a dramatic career change, or how Darth Vader’s creator played a […] ...more

Chewy-Coconut-Chocolate Pinwheels for the Holidays

When I was a kid, I remember my Dad buying me a fanciful pinwheel. It spun as you blew on it and its clear plastic rod hid a trove of tiny colorful candy balls inside. It was truly two treats in one ....more