A Spook-A-Licious Halloween with Woodhouse Chocolate

Woodhouse Chocolate in St. Helena has long been one of my favorite chocolatiers. First off, its chocolates are incomparably smooth and creamy ....more

LV Mar — A Latin Party in Downtown Redwood City

Most nights, LV Mar in downtown Redwood City, offers up a taste of modern pan-Latin cuisine in small and large plates. But once a month, Chef Manuel Martinez throws a veritable party — offering a prix fixe dinner themed to a different Latin cuisine, complete with a band, dancers and singers. A couple weeks [...] ...more

Baked Therapy

I can be swamped with work… I can be sleep-deprived… It can be 100 degrees that day… But when I feel the urge to bake, I can’t be stopped. What can I say? It’s my therapy ....more

Cinnamon, Spice & All Things Nice, Plus A Food Gal Giveaway

Why do I love cinnamon? Let me count the ways. Perhaps it all started as a kid, when my Dad and I would indulge on weekend mornings with cinnamon raisin toast slathered with butter ....more

Justin’s Nut Butter on the Go

Justin Gold was a vegetarian with an athletic lifestyle when he started whipping up his own nut butters in his Boulder, CO home. It wasn’t long before he was packing them in 16-ounce jars to sell at local stores. As an outdoorsy kind of guy, though, it dawned on him that so many energy [...] ...more

Cauliflower Salad — The French Way

I adore hearty salads like this. The type that can be a meal in and of itself. Or a side dish ....more

Tailgating at Levi’s Stadium with Michael Mina and Thomas Keller

When there’s the likes of lobster pot pie, freshly shucked Kusshi oysters, and made-to-order, liquid-nitrogen butter pecan ice cream being served, you know you’re not at your average tailgate. When it’s chefs Michael Mina and Thomas Keller in charge of the food, you know you’re truly at no ordinary sports feast. Such was the [...] ...more

Discover the New KitchenTown in San Mateo

If you’re a long-time or native San Franciscan like myself, you probably grew up with these Danish butter cookies. My aunt would bestow a box on our family every Christmas. The box would be lined with rows of five different types of golden-hued cookies ....more

Fall Into Fall With Jamie Oliver’s Lamb Fricassee

It’s hard to believe it’s fall, isn’t it? Halloween around the corner? How can it be? ...more

Happenings on the Peninsula: New Bakeries and More

Alexander’s Patisserie to Open In Mountain View on Oct. 16 The folks behind Alexander’s Steakhouse in Cupertino and San Francisco, as well as The Sea by Alexander’s Steakhouse in Palo Alto, are expanding their mini empire by opening a patisserie in downtown Mountain View on Oct. 16 ....more