Choctal — A New Way to Taste Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Creams

The same concept of single-origin that’s been applied to coffees and chocolate bars now comes to premium ice cream. Los Angeles-based Choctal has done just that with its chocolate and vanilla ice creams. Think four different kinds of vanilla ice cream plus four different kinds of chocolate ice cream ....more

Six Chefs, Six Dishes of Foie Gras — Yes, In California

It was a veritable swoon fest when 50 hand-picked guests came together to salivate over course after course of foie gras. Yes, in California — the only state in the nation that bans that specialty product made from the fattened liver of a goose or duck. That was the scene on July 5 at [...] ...more

Yummy Supper’s Brown Butter Almond Tea Cakes That Are — Well — Yummy

If we do eat with our eyes first, then I must gain 10 pounds every time I lay eyes upon Erin Scott’s luminous food photos. The creator of the blog, Yummy Supper, serves even up more temptation now with her similarly named new cookbook, “Yummy Supper” (Rodale), of which I received a review copy. Scott [...] ...more

Fried Chicken Galore, Chef of Compassion & More

Tasting Table Presents “Bubbly + Crunch” Great fried chicken will make your eyes roll back into your head. So, too, a fabulous sparkling wine. Leave it to Tasting Table to pair the two together in one unforgettable night ....more

True Gentlemen’s Jerky or Of Men and Meat

When I — or most women — are in need of a snack, we reach for fruit, yogurt, a handful of granola, a cookie or some pretzels. Men? It’s meat ....more

A Meal of A Lifetime: My Dinner at Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine Laboratory

BELLVUE, WA — Nathan Myhrvold, former Microsoft chief technology officer turned maestro of modernist cuisine, has held less than a dozen invitation-only dinners at his Intellectual Ventures laboratory. The exclusive guests have included the likes of Thomas Keller, Ferran Adria, David Chang and Jose Andres. In June, I was lucky enough to join that [...] ...more

Build A Better Banh Mi

Banh Mi has been a touchstone in my life. It all started years ago when I was part of a team of reporters at the San Jose Mercury News covering race and demographics. As part of our — ahem — research of various cultures and communities, we naturally tried to hit up as many [...] ...more

The Man You Should Thank For Your Love of Sugar Snap Peas

TWIN FALLS, IDAHO — You may not be familiar with Calvin Lamborn’s name. But you know his delicious life’s work. He is the plant breeder responsible for creating the first commercially viable sugar snap pea in 1979 ....more

St. Helena’s Press Welcomes A Most Appropriate New Chef

Earlier this summer, Press in St. Helena welcomed a new executive chef — Trevor Kunk, who was the chef de cuisine at Blue Hill New York for seven years. It’s a most apropos choice, given that Blue Hill is renowned for its almost painstaking use of locally grown ingredients, including those from its own [...] ...more

A Sauce for Salmon That’s a Pure Taste of Sunshine

What do you get when you cook down fresh orange juice with lime juice? The makings for a simple, sublime sauce that’s perfect for most anything. The recipe for this easy “Citrus Sauce” first appeared in Everyday Food in September 2004 ....more