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“Food and The City” My favorite read of the year has to be “Food and The City” (G.P. Putnam’s Sons). Think of the legendary, mesmerizing oral histories done by Studs Terkel, only concentrated on the food industry. That’s just what journalist Ina Yalof has created in this book by shining a spotlight on people in the New York culinary world ...more

Forthright Serves Up Righteous Food

When two girlfriends and I recently dined at Forthright in Campbell to celebrate a birthday, we couldn’t help but notice that most of the parties there were all-female. But then again, we women know a good thing when we see — and taste it. And Forthright definitely makes for a great gals’ night out ....more

A Cake With An Unusual Ingredient

This cake is like the vanilla wafer of cookies. Its appeal lies in its plainness, simplicity, and for me, its nostalgic taste. Other kids may have grown up with snack cakes baked in a square or rectangular pan in the flavors of chocolate, vanilla or apple spice ....more

Pedigreed Pasta

There are a lot of things to like about the new varieties of Community Grains pastas. First, they’re all made from organic whole grain that’s grown and milled in Northern California. Second, they boast transparency in the process — labeling each box with a code that you can plug into its Web site to find information about the farm ...more

Bird Dog Soars

The tech world has been blamed for a lot of things of late — worsening traffic, skyrocketing housing prices, widespread impatience, and a growing lack of civility. But one thing we can be thankful for is that it brought us Chef Robbie Wilson and his wife Emily Wilson. Chamath Palihapitiya, venture capitalist, part owner of the Warriors, and former ...more

On the Eve of (Steak) Taco Tuesday

There are cast-iron skillets that are handed down from generation to generation like the family jewels. That’s how coveted they are, especially if they are beautifully seasoned from regular use and care, rendering them the ultimate nonstick pan. Mine doesn’t have quite that lineage ....more

48 Hours of Eating in Richmond, BC

RICHMOND, BC — When I told friends that I was going to Canada for the weekend, I couldn’t blame them for looking at me dubiously. But then again, Richmond, British Columbia is just a two-hour flight away from the Bay Area, so it’s not as crazy a proposition as it seems. Add to that the fact that the U.S ....more

Not Your Average Melon

Melon and prosciutto. Ho-hum. Been there, ate that ....more

For Summer’s Last Hurrah — Cupcake’s Mini Prosecco Bottles

The last days of summer call for some bubbly, don’t you think? Send off the last of these lazy days with a devil-may-care sip. That’s what you’ll enjoy with these cute mini Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco bottles ....more

Trumpeting the Virtues of Siren Fish Company

So many of us want to eat more fresh seafood. But finding the freshest, local, sustainable seafood is can be a cumbersome task. Siren Fish Company makes it easy to do so, though ....more