Sons & Daughters: Grand Food From A Tiny Kitchen

When you step inside the doorstep of San Francisco’s Sons & Daughters, you can’t help but notice the open kitchen smack in front of you — mostly because of its size. Put it this way: Walk-in closets are larger. To see four chefs working so seamlessly in such close quarters gives you pause ....more

The Surprise of Roasted Citrus and Avocado Salad

Something miraculous happens when you roast thin slices of lemons and oranges at high heat. They get all jammy, intensifying their sweetness and taming the overt bitterness of their rind. I’ve added plenty of orange supremes — juicy segments devoid of their pith and membrane — to plenty of salads ....more

Pickle Nostalgia and A Food Gal Giveaway with Ball Canning

When I was a kid growing up in my parents’ San Francisco home, there were two refrigerators — the main one in the kitchen, and an auxiliary one downstairs in the garage. It was the latter one that was filled with extra provisions — tubs of tofu, cartons of orange juice, and big glass jars of pickles. My Mom’s ...more

Mosu Blossoms on Fillmore Street

Chef Sung Anh had no idea the trajectory of his career would change when Corey Lee sat down in front of his station at the sushi bar at the illustrious Urasawa in Beverly Hills. Anh, who was born in Seoul and had already cooked at Water Grill in Los Angeles, had begun as a dishwasher at that kaiseki temple ...more

The Joys of Summer Salmon

One of the true great pleasures of summer is indulging in local King salmon. Rich, oily, luscious and deep pinkish-red in color, it’s my favorite fish. When an assignment took me to Half Moon Bay, I tossed a cooler in the back of my car in hopes of scoring some fresh catch to take home ....more

Join the Food Gal and Chef Hector Figueroa of Pintxo Pote for A Cooking Demo

Fall in love with the flavors of Basque-Spanish cuisine when Chef Chef Hector Figueroa of the delightful Pintxo Pote in Los Gatos joins me for a cooking demo, 2 p.m. July 24 at Macy’s Valley Fair in Santa Clara. Pintxo Pote specializes in authentic tapas, particularly those traditionally served in the seaside city of San Sebastian, Spain. These delectable small ...more

Big City-Eats At Small-Town Rancho Nicasio

You’ll be excused if you’ve never been to Rancho Nicasio in Marin before. The out-of-the-way roadhouse and live music venue may not have been on most people’s radar before. But it sure is now ....more

Joyce Goldstein’s Dazzling Fish with Charmoula

I remember eating at Joyce Goldstein’s game-changing Square One restaurant in San Francisco. My best friend and I had saved up our money to dine there, having heard how Goldstein was pushing the envelope of Mediterranean cuisine, which back then was largely relegated to Italian fare. Instead, she expanded greatly upon that, serving up the flavors of Morocco, Turkey, ...more

Doing the Herky-Jerky for Golden Island Jerky

Beef jerky is not normally a go-to snack for me. But I admit that when I received samples of Golden Island Jerky, I found myself coming back to them again and again, especially after a brutal spinning class at the gym. Yes, leave it to me to reach not for a banana after a sweaty workout, but beef jerky ....more

A Better, Safer Canned Tuna From A Sausalito Company

Our love affair with canned tuna has ebbed and flowed over the years. Beset by worries about mercury levels and unintended bycatch deaths of dolphins, Americans have cut back on their consumption recently. Still, it’s a good bet that there’s still a tin or two in our cupboards on a fairly regular basis because it’s hard to beat the ...more