Two Birds One Stone — And A Whole Lot Of Good Eats

When celebrated chefs and best buds Doug Keane and Sang Yoon joined forces to open a new restaurant in St. Helena this summer, they wanted to do something no one else was yet doing in the Napa Valley. They wanted to shatter the mold of the usual Mediterranean-inspired fare or Cabernet Sauvignon-favored food so readily found in this region ....more

A Visit To Hall Winery

Love big, bold Cabs? And big, bold art? Head to Hall Winery in St ....more

Miminashi: A Taste of Japan in Napa

When Chef Curtis Di Fede first visited Japan nearly three years ago, he was smitten. So much so that he’s been back nine times since then. It also prompted him to leave his partnership with the Southern Italian restaurant Oenotri in Napa in 2014 to strike out on his own to open his own version of a Japanese izakaya, ...more

Memories of Mint Chip Ice Cream

When I was a kid, Baskin-Robbins may have touted its 31 ice creams. But in my book, there were only two that really mattered. Chocolate chip ....more

True Food Kitchen — The New Face of Healthy

Perhaps it’s only appropriate that the new True Food Kitchen, which opened this week in the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, is steps from SoulCycle and a Peloton indoor cycling bike showroom. What’s more, there’s even an art piece on the main wall that depicts a cyclist. After all, this casual restaurant chain, which has 14 locations around ...more

Cooking by Comic Book

For me, comic books were something my older brothers and cousins collected — first-edition superhero ones that surely would be worth a fortune now, had my aunt not thrown them out years ago, alas. But to cook out of a comic book? Now, that’s a new one on me ....more

Fulton Fish Market Debuts New Online Delivery

The Fulton Fish Market has a storied history. Originally established in 1822, it is one of the oldest markets in the country. Over the years, it has also grown into one of the most important East Coast fish markets in the country ....more

Of Books, Stores & More

“Food and The City” My favorite read of the year has to be “Food and The City” (G.P. Putnam’s Sons). Think of the legendary, mesmerizing oral histories done by Studs Terkel, only concentrated on the food industry. That’s just what journalist Ina Yalof has created in this book by shining a spotlight on people in the New York culinary world ...more

Forthright Serves Up Righteous Food

When two girlfriends and I recently dined at Forthright in Campbell to celebrate a birthday, we couldn’t help but notice that most of the parties there were all-female. But then again, we women know a good thing when we see — and taste it. And Forthright definitely makes for a great gals’ night out ....more

A Cake With An Unusual Ingredient

This cake is like the vanilla wafer of cookies. Its appeal lies in its plainness, simplicity, and for me, its nostalgic taste. Other kids may have grown up with snack cakes baked in a square or rectangular pan in the flavors of chocolate, vanilla or apple spice ....more