Ladies, Can't We All Just Get Along?

When I was a little girl, I knew early on that I enjoyed talking to people. Sometimes, I didn’t know when to shut up and, even today, I notice the subtle change in my husband’s expression and the way his eyes glaze over slightly when I talk…and talk and talk. I attribute this gift of gab to my Dad who lit up a room with his tall tales and spirited conversations....more

Today's Foodism: Mornings Are For The Birds ... And Breakfast

Only dull people are brilliant at breakast.~Oscar WildeMornings. For some, it is their favorite time of day. Rise and shine, bright and early, up and at 'em and all that nonsense. For me, mornings are the bane of my existence. I once owned a sleep shirt with the image of a frazzled and worn out looking Garfield the Cat on the front with a line that read "I don't do mornings." ...more

Today's Foodism: Where the Child and the Adult Converge

For those who love it, cooking is at once child’s play and adult love. And cooking done with care is an act of love.~Craig Claiborne...more

On the subject of my new book: Yes, there's a bit of food thrown in for good measure

Followers of my blog know that my little place in cyberspace is principally about food. You see, I have an undying affection, dare I say a love affair, with cuisine. And why shouldn't I? Like air and water, food is a life sustaining force. Without it, we would perish. So for the things in life that are necessities, I reasoned that I may as well go all out and love 'em with a fervent gusto. Hence, this passionate affliction of sorts that I am all too happy to call my burden....more

Don't You Just Hate It When . . .

graham crackers don’t break on the perforated line? you order your steak, burger, salmon, etc. “well done”and when it arrives at the table, it’s burnt beyond recognition? Well-done does not need to equate to desiccated. (Read my take on well-done food HERE)...more

America, it's time to celebrate OUR cuisine!

Although America’s origins sort of began under the auspices of European colonization (notwithstanding the indigenous peoples in the form of Native Americans who were here long before the migration of Europeans to the Americas), the United States of America is American personified. And while there are many varied and wonderful races, colors, creeds and nationalities that make up these United States, this rich diversification has lent itself to a greater wide-ranging culinary landscape across this great land of ours....more

My Brief But All-Consuming Fling With Pork Bacon

Bacon.To some, simply uttering that one word elicits goofy grins, licking of lips and rubbing of bellies. I’ve come to learn that people love bacon. Now, while I’m a turkey bacon aficionado, some may consider this particular strip of poultry to be an affront as it dares bare the same moniker as bacon. I, however, don’t indulge in pork so the substitution of the gobbling imposter was a natural choice for me....more

Well Done: It's a veritable food conundrum

It’s finally time for me to get this off of my ample yet well-proportioned chest. I have a bone to pick with cooks, chefs, sous chefs, culinary artists, hash slingers and anyone else who steps foot in a kitchen, wields a spatula like a Samurai sword and fawns over their own gastronomic creations. This has been weighing heavy on my mind for some time now. The catalyst for the timing of this particular tirade was a simple omelette. Unfortunately, this omelette was just plain ugly. In fact, it was so ugly it was fugly....more

My Quest For Food Porn Greatness . . .

I. Love. Food. It’s a simple enough statement yet it holds such profound meaning. At least for me anyway. I love everything about food. The nutritional value that it provides. The alluring aromas it possesses. The varied sounds of food: crackling, bubbling, sizzling, fizzy, sputtering. The way it feels in your hands, in your mouth, in your stomach. And of course, the aesthetically pleasing sight of food. It’s enough to make your mouth water just by looking atit....more

Meatless Monday is Local and Global...

Are you a fan of the Meatless Monday movement that is sweeping the country, growing in popularity with each successive plate of food? It’s not too late to jump on the meat-free bandwagon....more