Hatch Chile Borracho Beans

The onset of hatch chile season means that the pot of beans I make for the 2-3 TexMex nights that are always on the menu get a green chile makeover. Where I come from, you usually have three options for beans on taco night: refried beans, charro beans, and borracho beans. Refried beans are easy, especially when your two-ingredient recipe calls for a can opener and a can ....more

How to Roast Hatch Green Chiles (And Every Other Pepper Out There)

Have you entered the HEB Giveaway yet? The prize is a selection of August’s Hatch Chile-inspired Primo Picks! If you’ve spent any time poking around the blog at any point over the last 8 (!) years in late summer, you know you can guarantee three things: 1) Somewhere, I’m bitching about the oppressive Texas heat and humidity ....more

{giveaway} 7-Layer Hatch Chile Dip with HEB Primo Picks

Smell that? That’s the smell of August. It’s the fiery, smokey scent of (probably) a ton of Hatch Chiles roasting at the door step of my HEB ....more

Grilled Chile-Lime Fish Tacos with Cucumber-Mango Salsa

10 years ago, if you’d told me that I’d move to the far west, cookie-cutter suburbs of Houston and judge most of the restaurants frequent-visit list by the quality of their playground and not necessarily the food, I might have laughed in your face. Probably would have, actually. All those margaritas I made with Mrs Ts neon-green bottled mix would have no-doubt left me pretty giggly ....more

Grilled Zucchini and Herbed Ricotta Sandwiches

I planted a second round of tomatoes in the garden last week. And while I was at it, I went ahead and stuck a new zucchini plant in. Because this is the first year I haven’t wanted to wretch at the mere sound of “zucchini” before the 4th of July ....more

Watermelon Salad with Tequila-Lime Vinaigrette

Last week, a picture of a pumpkin cheesecake popped up in my Facebook feed and I was like no. And then I went all Tracy-Morgan-from-Cop-Out. NO ....more

(Half) Marathon Mondays: Here we go again!

There can’t be too many things on this earth that are more masochistic than training for a half marathon in July in Texas. Like pushing a jogging stroller holding a 38lb turkey through the “feels like 103″ convection oven that is training for a half marathon in July in Texas. Things that might come close? ...more

DIY: Fresh Cherry Sauce for Ice Cream and Yogurt

The first time I made it, I called it “Cheater’s Cherries Jubilee.” For a few nights more in a row than I’ll admit on the internet, I pitted ~2 dozen cherries into a small bowl, dropped a piece of orange peel in, and popped it in the microwave for 90 seconds. I scooped the still-warm, slightly-tart cherry sauce over a bowl of vanilla ice cream and borderline inappropriately oooh’ed and aaah’ed my way through dessert. But only borderline inappropriately ....more

Peach and Plum Galette

There are two things of which I am certain: 1) God intended a ripe, bruise-it-just-by-looking-at-it peach to be consumed in the heat of July, straight from the tree and 2) Plums get the shaft when it comes to pretty internet recipes. But if God didn’t want something like this to happen, surely he wouldn’t have let the Pilgrims invent buttery, flaky pie crust to share with the natives on the First Thanksgiving* *That is possibly not historically accurate. We’ve talked before about how “galette” was just a fancy French word for throw &^%$ together (as well as another way to consume wine) ....more

Margarita-Glazed Baby Back Ribs

Everyone has someone in their family that is the go-to person for cooking a specific dish. In my family, I am not that person for ribs. But I have not given up ....more