Being (too) kind to strangers

“Mommy!! Puh-leeeez scratch my back! Just. One. More. Time!” I audibly sigh. “One more time, and that’s IT!” I say, fully aware that I just said these exact words a few minutes ago. “Do it light and tickle-y. Not a hard scratch.” “I know, I know.” As I gently rake my fingernails across my daughter’s back, I glance at the clock, noting it’s been 26 minutes since I started putting her to bed. First the book I picked wasn’t good enough, then she needed more water, then she needed some lotion for her itchy elbow…and every “no” was met with a shriek....more

How I learned to love beets

Up until a few years ago, I had a serious aversion to beets. If anyone even asked me to try one, I would scrunch up my nose like a whiny little kid and yell "Ewwwwww...gross!" ...more