Study: High Fructose Corn Syrup’s Role in Autism

A new study details the role of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in the growing autism epidemic. Published this week in the journal Clinical Epigenetics, the study was spearheaded by GAP client and FDA whistleblower Renee Dufault, who has been raising HFCS concerns for years....more

Safeway Pulls 'Pink Slime', Whistleblower Vindicated Years After BPI Retaliation

Today, ABC Newsreports that Safeway – the nation's second largest supermarket chain with 1400 stores – will no longer sell ammoniated beef trimmings known as 'pink slime' due to "considerable consumer concern."...more

'Pink Slime' Controversy Needs Whistleblowers

Media coverage and public concerns regarding "pink slime" – ammoniated beef trimmings produced by Beef Products, Inc. (BPI) – have not let up since last week's announcement that the USDA plans to purchase seven million pounds of BPI's questionable product for the national school lunch program. ...more
It all comes down to us being a product and an exploitable resource with no rights and the ...more

Pesticide Exposure in Food Affects Children's Intelligence: Study

A recent study shows that chemical exposure – including that from food products – may cause child IQ reduction that rivals the impacts of major medical conditions. The finding reveals that the effect on society of widespread lead, organophosphate pesticides and methylmercury exposure "may be more severe than what previous studies of individual risk would suggest." From Environmental Health News:...more

Tainted Chicken Link to UTI Adds to Need for Better Oversight

As if we needed another reason to improve poultry safety oversight. According to a study published Wednesday, contaminated chicken is a likely cause of urinary tract infections (UTIs). After researchers showed in 2010 that the most common cause of infections – E. coli– could originate in food, scientists in Canada tested meat products for a potential link.From the Los Angeles Times:...more