Traveling Daddy Blues!

What do I do with my traveling husband/daddy?  ...more

The Passionate Olive

When our midwife recommended olive oil as the best form of lotion for our new baby, I was intrigued.  When I found The Passionate Olive - 101 Things to do with Olive Oil on my parent's bookshelf, I was curious.  I had no idea that olive oil had so many uses!  From cooking, to health and beauty, to uses around the house and even for your pets, this book has it all.This morning I tried a recipe for homemade baby wipes recommended in the book!...more

Woman Weekend Warrior Syndrome

During my Saturday morning run, I couldn't help but think - I should start training for a marathon.  What is wrong with me!?  This was a 2 mile run, which included stopping to walk.  What about training for 10 miles or even 5 miles?  Nope, I jumped straight to marathon.  Total, typical "forcing the bloom" moment.  I really should have celebrated the fact I was running in the first place  and then moved on to a bigger goal, like 3 miles.  Sound familiar?  I know those woman weekend warriors are out there!...more

What is the best first baby food?

I’m having a bit too much fun deciding my baby’s first food.  Ruth Yaron’s Super Baby Food book is an excellent resource.  I bought it used from Amazon for a couple of dollars.  It is comprehensive but a bit overwhelming.  My baby is almost 4 months (15 weeks) old.  I anticipate another month before introducing foods but I like being prepared.  Ruth recommends rice cereal if your baby is under 6 months or whole grain cereals if 6 months or older.  Additional sources of iron must also be considered....more