Simple and Cool Indian Breakfast/Snack

Poha is my all time favorite snack, which, many a time becomes my go-to lunch or dinner especially when I am alone. I love the simple, clean flavors of it plus it's ridiculously easy to put together, light and healthy. And, did I mention I LOVE it?! :) For the story and recipe behind this dish, please visit my blog, Fork Spoon Knife Cheers Asha ...more

Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple Mini Cakes

Let me introduce my Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple Mini Cakes. Why mini-cakes? Well, I went to the baking supply store and saw these cute 3 inch shallow paper molds and just had to use them! :) And, the squash because I like the sweetness that roasting brings out of it and thought it would add great flavor and moisture to the cake itself. ...more

Mango & Saffron Ice Cream

Yesterday, I had a bowl of yolks glowering at me from inside the fridge willing me to make something out of them. Today I had icecream for dessert! :) ...more

this is a fantastic post& photo. gorgeous photography. i am new to the food blogging ...more

Summer Tomato Tart

 "A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins" - Laurie Colwin ...more

Beat-the-Blues meal - Mint & Mango Dal

Sometimes, you want something that takes you back to your childhood. I love my mom's Dal, the quintessential Indian staple. I figured making it would be the right recipe to satiate my cravings! So long as I was making dal, I thought I would dress it up a bit. Here is my recipe for making Indian Dal with tangy twist from Mango and fresh mint. ...more

Curried Egg Pastries

Growing up in India, one of my favorite snacks was puffs. The flaky pastry pockets with a spicy filling of vegetables, egg or chicken were the ultimate after-school/college comfort snacks. They are like the turnovers you get here in US, only savory. ...more

Obrigado Brazil!


Homemade Granola

You know, the thing about believing that you can make everything at home is that .. you just do! I wanted to have fruit parfait for breakfast. And, I simply love the crunchy topping of granola on them. I am sure parfaits would not be half as delicious without that oats-y goodness. ...more

Homemade Pizza