eBook now available in Paperback!

It's a little more expensive this way, but I decided to make the book available in paperback form. You can buy it on Amazon or CreateSpace. And, it should also be available in public libraries soon so feel free to ask your local librarian, too!Also, MyGreenFills is sponsoring a contest for a free washer and dryer! ...more

Admiring my Daughter's Independence

Riley really wanted to see this recently-released movie. So she did. By herself.I don't think I realized that it can be great doing things by myself until my thirties ....more

The Real Benefit of Savings

I seriously loved this article. It reminded me of how I ended up marrying X in the first place. And staying with him for as long as I did ....more

eBook on sale!

First, an apology. Wanted to get this done for New Year's, but couldn't get my act together in time. Then again, if you're like me in that sense, this will be perfect timing! ...more

Balancing the Middle Class

CNN has this nifty calculator where you can find out if you are in the middle class where you live. While the value of this information is limited, I do think it helps to understand where you stand in your community, particularly living somewhere like L.A., where living costs are high, but incomes vary. I'm practically as middle class as one can get, which surprised me a little because I don't feel middle class ....more

Changing my Mindset

My First Mindset Change. It wasn't a New Year's resolution, but in early 2013, I vowed to not incur any new credit card debt. It took a few months, but by the summer, I knew I could keep it up and didn't look back.My Second Mindset Change ....more

Guest Post at Logix

I was honored to be asked to write a guest post for Logix: A Financial Fresh Start ....more

Xmas 2015 post

Long-time readers may recall that I generally prefer odd years over even. This year was no different. Highlights: Sylvia graduated high school, turned 18 and is taking on more and more adult responsibilities ....more

Balancing Fear

Like every other family with school-aged kids here, we were affected by the closure of LA schools yesterday.I'd already dropped my daughter off. Since we don't have cable anymore, I actually enjoy my news-free mornings and Riley and I listen to music on the way to school so we had no prior knowledge of the threat (the breaking news emails didn't come until later).About 5 minutes away from work, Riley called to let me know that "1S1S"* had called in a bomb threat and school was canceled. She'd arranged for a ride home already and said, "guess I'll have to take my math final tomorrow." I commented that it may have been a student trying to avoid finals, but I heard from many that it was deemed a "credible" threat ....more

Consider CoAbode

I've previous mentioned CoAbode here, and told Bella DePaulo about it for her book, How We Live Now. CoAbode helps single mothers find shared housing with other single mothers and their children, which can really help both financially and emotionally.Now, CoAbode needs our help. They need to revamp their website, hire staff to expand their services, all while keeping it free for single mothers using their services ....more