Daddy's Last Words

The Night I Accidentally Killed off my Husband

It started with a defining moment.  One minute, my husband was in surgery, and I anxiously awaited with my mother-in-law and my stepdad's mom.  We were talking, smiling, and I kept wondering how my kids were doing at their school Christmas concert.  The next minute was full of news from the surgeon.  That one moment changed my life....more

Why are you fat, Mommy?

I have said this before and I will say it again, my son is honest, candid, and doesn't intentionally mean to be hurtful.  Keeping this in mind, it is still extremely hard when he asks such personal questions.Two years ago, after my husband lost 50 pounds on his mail route, my son started asking me, "Why are you fat and the rest of us are thin?"  I would look at my small plate, with the smallest portions in the family, and say, "I don't know."...more

"Why Don't Kids Like Me, Mom?"

Monday, after school, in a fit of frustration, my son declared, "I am sick of Fremont and Clarmar. Why can't I be anyone's best friend?" I paused, knowing he can be sensitive, knowing that he had a bad day/week/month, knowing that maybe it will be better tomorrow. "What happened?" "Well, sometimes it feels like the kids are mean. They don't really want to play with me. They don't want me on their team."...more
Thank you for sharing. I remember distinctly knowing that I did not fit in and not having anyone ...more

Freedom of Spe- Hate?

Hate.  It is in our world and it’s not going away.  As a person who loves yellow, the sun, smiley faces, love, hugs, kisses, and other “Life is Good” ideas, the hate is getting to me, I mean, REALLY getting to me....more

Don't Crush her Spirit

My baby is starting Kindergarten in less than two days.  I would be lying if I said I am totally fine with it.  I mean, I am FINE with it, but I am sending my youngest  to school.  Now, I have two school aged kids.  While some days feel like FOREVER, the collective years have flown by....more

My Confession

I have a confession, it's something that I haven't said aloud, but have thought for a long time.If you know me, or read my blog, you won't be surprised at what I am about to say:While I appreciate nature, and feel at home outside,my true passion, is watching people....more