What're you selling Girl?

Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got.Janis Joplin In one of my many roles, I meet young women looking to improve themselves. Sometimes, they arrive in tank tops, that leave little to the imagination. ...more

Fenced in by Shadows

Some years ago an old friend was telling me about one of his colleagues. This person frequently spoke of his vast years of experience in the field they both worked in.But my friend saw his colleague's dialogue as not only irritating but also as quite far from the truth. This man often brought up his seniority of 25 years. What my friend saw however was a man with one's year experience ...more

More Thief than Poet

Words have always made me take notice. How the Masters can weave and dodge, surprise and scare. How words strung together can make you remember, laugh, give you hope and sigh. ...more

Saved by a Mirror

Someone I know is changing jobs to save her life. After years in a sales job in a rather lucrative field, she’s pulling the plug. She can no longer smile as she passes on promises that she knows her firm won’t be able to honour. She can’t look at some of her long-term clients and tell them one thing, knowing full well that next week it will change. She is running away to find herself and to reacquaint herself with her integrity....more

June Create - completed under the Wire

Such a good idea, it seemed at the time. Spread all the pieces and begin. How many times have you spread yourself too thin? Thought you could handle it, and then felt overwhelmed? Where to begin, how to begin? Scary isn't it?...more

Epilogue or Beginning

(See  My Story - Part 1 and My Story and Yours - Part 2 before continuing...) And so each of our stories has a beginning and a conclusion and then the next story begins. Each phase of our Lives another chapter, another drama, a spell of comedies, recurring characters or the same old character with a different name. I have a photograph of a family of brothers, each raised in the same household by the same parents. But all turned out quite differently from each other; temperament, skills learned, character all showed up in unique ways. Because each was just different ...more

My Story or Yours - Part 2

(See My Story - Part 1 before continuing...) And then I grew up. The day that I held all those hard-earned dollar awards in my hand, I walked the dust road towards town and hopped on the bus that could connect me to my future.We all see the world through our own lens, through the filters we have created based on our life experience. And this is where we will take different paths in our story.Choose A: if you feel that Nana and I were more similar than not.     "Two peas in a Pod."Choose B: if you think that I turned out just like my no-good father.  "The apple doesn’t Fall far from the tree."...more

My Story - The Pencil stub that started it All - Part 1

She gave me the stub of a HB yellow pencil and told me to get to it. My Nana was a miserable old broad and not too many people liked her. She didn’t care whom she offended, condemned and stared at. What the hell, she’d say when she saw a fat woman wearing a too short dress. Or, wipe that kid’s snotty nose, will you? at some negligent mama....more

Moving through the Rapids

When I think of flexible, I think of being relaxed in my yoga class. Of being able to bend, after hours of practise not only in to a posture, but also in life. Of going with the flow, knowing that there are many ways to Strength in the world. And also to Resilience. Using our core to keep us upright, to keep us balanced as we move through the flow of our class and our days....more

Seeing the Cloud in every Silver Lining

Sally is rarely happy. She just can’t tolerate it when things are going well. She needs something to worry, complain and imagine will go wrong.We all know a Sally. She will whine that this good weather won’t last and that it is sure to be miserable the day of her family barbecue. She hears of the illness of a colleague, and proceeds to list the family members she has had with a similar (or worse) illness over her lifetime.She is looking older and more unhappy with each passing day. But she won’t stop....more