Success as an Escalator

I was speaking with a young man today who wanted to tell me his story. He said that if I had 15 minutes, he would bring me to tears. I had had a previous interaction with this fellow and was bewildered and dismayed at his youthful arrogance. He is still unaware that we all have our mountains to climb.It isn’t that I’m cold hearted or can’t bear to hear another person’s woes. The nature of my life work (as I see it) is to empower not to coddle. There will always be someone in your life who will support you to be mediocre for reasons of their own. ...more

Your List of Nine

A young teacher I know gave this assignment to her grade 2 students. Name nine things that make you happy. How difficult would we as adults find this task? How easily can we identify what brings a smile to our face and makes us giggle? My friend’s youngsters had their list finished in moments flat, some even scrawled a #10 and #11. Their lists included wearing my pink sweater, lying on my back on the grass and making up things when I see the clouds, to just plain (excuse me here) farting....more

The Yardstick of your Life

Life is fast. It happens so quickly that there are weeks and months when you look back which are just a blur. How could I possibly have children in their thirties. Wasn’t it only yesterday that I was their age?...more

This thing that is not a Coincidence

The Universe has sent me "nudges" in many unexplained ways. I've written before about connections from across the years and the country that suddenly cropped up with someone I'd know for years.When I needed it most, the Universe let me know that I was not alone in the middle of a crowded Women's Show. And then again, when I was feeling that the man for me would not show up after years of being alone, it sent me a philosophical license plate....more

How many times should you apologize?

How many times do you think a person should say “I’m sorry”? Does a time come when you should realize that this person is just not willing to hear your apology?...more

Storyteller – you are the author

A man is walking down the middle of a busy street, holding a bunch of coloured balloons in one hand and a worn, black overstuffed briefcase in the other. It is 9 am.What is your story about him?Is he going to surprise someone at work with a birthday bouquet?Did he untie the balloons from someone’s front porch and thought nothing of it?Is he on the way to visit a friend in the hospital?And, hey? What’s in that overstuffed briefcase anyway?...more

Doorway to Something Good

There's a young woman I know who is facing a life change. Walking into a life that she had not expected. At least that she had never spoken about. A life without the man whom she married....more

Dance wherever you are in Line

Life’s a dance. Sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow. Don’t worry ‘bout what you don’t know. Life’s a dance you learn as you go....more

Playing with Beads and Wire

Like most writers I know, I have some issues about squeezing in the things I feel like I should be doing. Writing sometimes (ok, often!) gets added to the end of the list, instead of being #1, which would make me most happy. Born in a generation where duty came first, fun came second, if it came at all, there was not much time to Play. Our female role models, washed clothes on Mondays, ironed on Tuesdays and vacuumed on Wednesdays. And then vacuumed again before the weekend, if it needed it or not. Wow, those were the days!...more

Let the Photo come to You

Let the photo come to you. This is the message that I have consistently heard from my photography instructors. I better understood what this means while on a recent trip sitting in Union Square in San Francisco. If we had not sat in the Square for one hour, we would only have had an incomplete story of what we witnessed. ...more
Susanf Happy to know my words reached you Susanf! We are always in such a hurry these days, that ...more