Chasing the Apple

Perched on a bar height counter, his apple started rolling.We all watched as it went on a path of its own choosing, most of us out of reach to catch it. Let’s just call him John, twisted, leaned and fell, his leg getting caught on the metal leg of the chair as it toppled. His leg broke, that is, his actual human leg, the artificial one which had become a part of him since a long ago accident kept him upright. But in spite of his bravado, I suspect it caused him some grief at the point the metal leg attached to his body.And all for an Apple....more

the World Belongs to each of Us

A friend of mine just returned from a "bucket list" trip to Israel. I had asked her if while she was there, she would light a candle for me as I will forever be thankful for a plea I made some ears ago, standing in front of a mock Wailing Wall at a local fitness centre....more

Can you say it in less words please?

Some people use a lot of words to say a simple thing. Some people use simple words to say an important thing. It seems to me these days, that  silence is indeed golden, and rare....more


I’d peer out my bedroom window which overlooked the driveway, watching for the piano teacher. Sometimes, he’d sit in his car and I think he'd never ring the doorbell (those were my happiest days) or he tried the bell so unenthusiastically, that the sound was lost amidst my mother’s constant bustle in the kitchen....more

We Let you Think You've Fooled Us

Does deception make you quake? If you are typically someone who prides yourself with “doing the right thing”, the thought of deception can bring all kinds of angry feelings to the surface.  We need to stand together firmly in our convictions and in our beliefs. ...more

My February Create - Chained Heart

I'm keeping my promise to my Word for this year, see My January Create for my earlier post.My February Create was an evening project using a heavy metal heart, a scrap of chain, cord and a forgotten "dangle". Voila! Fun to wear and named by my Sweetie as Biker Babe appropriate....more

Life is Better With You

This is for you. For all the good things we do as women for our families, friends and strangers. For running after someone’s escaped pet, and baking cookies the night before. We are seldom told the difference we make in someone else’s life.Pour yourself the beverage of your choice, put up your feet or put on your dancing shoes.  click to read more ......more

My January Create

At the start of each year, an old and dear friend of mine encourages me to choose a Word, which will be my theme for the months ahead. I’ve “done” Relax, Focus and Let It Unfold, in years past. This year, I’ve chosen Create. I have decided that what I need is some Play, ...more
stephliebold Let me know what you choose. :) Always interested in seeing which "spark" is ...more

the Pro You

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.Pablo Picasso I had to reread this quote a few times, to appreciate the thought behind these words. We all have something that causes us “pain”, that uncomfortable feeling that makes us squirm inside our adult bodies. ...more

Coffee Awareness - Kick Ass Style

I realized this morning how delighted I have become on my coffee. When did this happen? The process of grinding the beans, measuring, the unfiltered aroma arising, yes, I am definitely hooked. And then it happened, I am at work, anticipating the excitement and find that I do not have enough product to make two substantial cups!...more