Unspoken Story

As we each go through the stages of our lives, we change. Or at least we should I think. Hopefully we learn, we incorporate our lessons and we do things a wee bit differently when confronted with our next set of learning.The people who are a part of your life when you are going through a difficult time, will more than likely see a different side of you than someone years later when your life is running smoothly. It is those ebbs and flows, those mountains of poverty or despair that can give us the learning to appreciate the quieter, more tranquil times....more


So what will you do today to astound yourself?I know a young man who discovered at the age of 30 that he could run! And I mean RUN. He joined a friend who had been training for weeks in a local race and found out that he was fast. He came in second, put the medal around his neck and was hooked. Running came as a surprise talent to him. And he only found out because he tried....more

Broken Places

We all have broken places. If we have not been broken already, we can count on the fact that our turn will come. It is the Universe's way of making us take ourselves apart and only put back together the parts that are worthwhile.Ask anyone who has lost their dream and they will tell you that this is how they discovered how little they needed. Fewer things, fewer wrong people, less advice. They were taken apart and they survived....more

The Power of the Pause

My yoga teacher mentions The Power of the Pause when she's trying to distract us while we're doing a long hold. She talks about using "effortless effort" when we're facing challenging situations.Imagine the Power we could maintain when someone cuts us off in traffic, or when we're craving quiet time in the staff room and someone won’t stop gushing about their last vacation. How often each day would the Power of the Pause be helpful in your life?...more

Ego, our Foe

Sometimes however our Ego becomes who we are and we just  cannot see past it. We think we need it to fill a void. You've seen the one time beauty queen who still behaves as though she was twenty, or the do-gooder who thinks that no-one can survive without his intervention....more

Ego, our Friend

A funny thing happens when you say the word Ego to someone. The usual immediate reaction is that Ego is a bad thing.But ask anyone who has escaped a troubled marriage, or a bullying work environment, or suffered a training injury. They will tell you that having a healthy Ego is what saved their life.There is a fine line between our Ego's assistance, its warning about our self-preservation and growth and that nasty, mean little voice ...more

It's All About the Ego, Dude

My cousin is a successful man, he’s also learned to be wise. He is an accomplished long distance runner, and was used to desert and mountain terrain. He decided one day to check out the new Yoga studio in his community.How hard could this be, he thought to himself. I’m fit, I should be able to do this.He unrolled his mat and in a most un-yoga-like glance noticed that the other participants were sitting straighter, or on a block, or cross legged with their knees closer to the ground than he was able to....more

Who's on Your Team?

 I know that we are all unique, we only need to sit down with a few friends or colleagues to see how different we are from each other. One is a planner, one shows up late, one likes the same-old, the other can’t sit still with enthusiasm for the new adventure/project.Sometimes a player's greatest challenge is coming to grips...more

Dream Zone

I’m continually trying to make choices that put me against my own comfort zone. As long as you’re uncomfortable, it means you’re growing.Ashton Kutcher(Click to Tweet)  Break through the doorJump over the fence.Don't seek out the shadows. ...more

Being Alone, Not Being Lonely

The road of Life is never long enough. Ask the senior how "old is old?" and he will gaily say "five years older than me". Surely this fellow has also endured some difficult times, he has more than likely experienced loss. I'm doubtful that every moment has been easy.One must overcome the fear of being alone. ...more