The Next Read from Take a Book Leave a Book

Do you have a little book library in your neighbourhood, maybe even on your own street? Have you ever used one? What treasure have you found?Look what I found this morning on my walk! How exciting to find something that is on your list....more

Asking Questions Made Me Enjoy Social Events

Editor's Note: Each week this month, we're featuring a response to one of the BlogHer Writing Lab prompts. Want to be inspired by writing prompts? They're posted at the beginning of every month in the Writing Lab. Want to be the next featured writer? Join the Writing Lab's Facebook group and look for the Pitch Please call for posts. --Mel ...more

This Morning's Walking Inspiration

I followed my usual walking route this morning and was almost home when I had the loveliest of encounters.As I approached my last few steps, I could see an elderly woman making her way up the hill. Oh, if you drove it daily you might not think about how "uphill" it really is. But if you walk/run it often you do learn to anticipate it.This woman was silver haired and pulling along her cloth covered ...more

Iceberg Surprise

 Have you ever been astounded when an old friend tells you one day something from their past that you didn’t know? Or when your company night shift cleaner turns out to be a chemist? Or what about the colleague who retires at 57 because she’s “just been careful all her life”? What is powerful is when what you say ...more

Tired of Saying Goodbye

Goodbye. See you later… or not.So many kinds of Goodbye.The returning colleague or acquaintance who just can’t make up their mind. Their job stinks, they keep applying for the next great opportunity and then something happens and they return. The neighbour who can’t stand the condo board, the paper strewn elevators, the dirty windows that never ...more

2 - Wheel Balance

During my walk yesterday I came across 2 youngsters trying out their bikes in a 2–wheel balance. They were  wobbly, they were unsure although they were excited about their new feat. Perhaps the training wheels had just been removed and they still needed to find their balance....more

Canvas Star

Have you ever just stood and looked at a piece of art? Do you notice the most obvious parts first? And then you keep looking, and you start to see the stories happening all over and in each corner....more

Ode to a Girl Named River

Such a little girl. Her hand reaching up is totally enveloped in her Dad’s. They are walking as they usually do, almost every evening, just catching up on their respective days. It’s a habit he had started when she was just wee, when he would come home from work, scrub his hands clean and smile and talk to her sweet face. He’d tell her about what ...more

The One Gift to Give Your Mom/Esteemed Female

If you read The Mom Handbook a few days ago, you would have read how we, as Mom's are the experts on holding onto our "failures" in child rearing. Those moments when even decades later,we want to hang our heads in shame about how we reacted.(Hint: take a Time Out for every one you give your child.)Today I will ask you to give something to your Mom/Esteemed Female that only you can give. ...more

The Mom Handbook

Mom's Day is approaching and I'm still feeling some guilt.I have been a Mom for a lot of years. Whether I wanted to or had no other reference points, I adopted the universal beliefs that were handed to me. Decades before the web was easily accessible, we learned about motherhood through word of mouth and action.Like many of my generation, we did what our mother's did, because that's the way we were raised. Polite and not ...more