Love Me

Romance me.Make me breath.Give my heart wings to flutter.Make me see your true loveIs only for me.Cover the sunsetLets fall asleep with out regrets.Lay with me underneath the starsLets pretend this night is ours.Kiss me softly, cuddle me tight.Open your heart to me.Show me your loving light.Love me.Make me breath. ...more


My sweet little angelYou have finally come to me.You are everything in my heartThat I dreamed you to be.You light up my life.You soften my soul.You make everyday happy.You make me feel whole.Tiny feet to kiss.Tiny hands for mine to hold.Ocean eyes and a smile like the sunrise,You are my darling, my sweet little guy.What a wonderful giftGod has sent to me.My adorable baby boy.My favorite Timothy. ...more