Don't be Fooled: Palin Isn't a Friend of Women

While at the gas station waiting for my oil to be changed, I came across Ellen Goodman's article on Palin. She hit the nail on the head. On the one hand, women love Sarah Palin because she is "in-your-face"to the 'big boys' ... and Lords knows, I was a litigator in a highly dominated man's world, so I love that about her, too. ...more

Sorry, I beg to differ.

She winks at the camera. Why? She uses her prettiness to ...more

There's A Reason for Cardinal Rules ...

I broke my cardinal rule. Well, it’s actually my aunt’s cardinal rule. I’m still a cardinal rule-in-training kind of gal. The rule? Always read a children’s book before you buy it. Seems simple, right? The plots? Short. The pictures? Pretty. The morality? Clear. I can do this! ...more

Now, That's Just Not Right ...

The sign on the local coffee house’s billboard says “Come Enjoy the Rarest Coffee in the World!” I’m a coffee hound, as in 15 cups a day. I’ll probably die from my stomach rotting out or my heart palpating through my chest.   Whatever. It gets me through the very long days of mommyhood with four small kids.   ...more

but I agree, I don't want to drink "poopie coffee" either!  No matter how desperate I ...more