100 Fall Decorating Ideas for Autumn

100 Fall Decorating Ideas for Autumn Guess what!? Fall is coming. I know! ...more

… if Facebook didn’t suck

Sorry mom. But sometimes “suck” just sums it up. Once upon a time, you could share something in your status on Facebook, and everyone who “liked” or “followed” your page, would see it ....more

Get Organized: Easy Family Command Center

Will this be the...more

Small Space Door Organizing for Back To School

Austin gets organized. Okay, Austin’s mom gets...more

My Love Hate Relationship With The F Word

My Love Hate Relationship With The F Word Before you search frantically for the “unsubscribe” option, let me explain. For those of you that don’t know, I live in Oregon. About 4 hours from Portland ....more

Cottage Style Decorating with Shabby Vintage Garlands

Hi friends! As I reported last, I am getting ready to be a vendor at the Marshfield Vintage Market! I wanted to take a few minutes to check-in and and let you know that yes, I am still here and I am still blogging ....more

Vintage Farmhouse Find {treasure hunting with The Wood Grain Cottage}

Hi there! I’m Shayna from The Wood Grain Cottage and I’m back to share something new! A few weeks ago, I went on a little shopping trip to one of our new, once a month, antique/ home sales ....more

Blog… what blog?

I have a blog? Oh yeah!! … just playing!...more

A Super Sneaky Shower Makeover

A Super Sneaky Shower Makeover? Yep, you read it right. Some of you know that my mother in law lives in the other house on our property ....more

Garage Storage Organization Ideas

Hello everyone! It’s Christine again, from First Home Love Life, and today we’re going to discuss some different ways on how we can organize and make better use of our garages! Don’t have a garage? ...more