What Women In Business Can Learn From Malala Yousafzai

She’s written a book. She’s been on talk shows. Honored by Harvard University for humanitarian of the year for her bravery in speaking out for the rights of girls to go to school and get an education in her native Pakistan and around the world, and oh yea, did I fail to mention that 16 year old Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban and nearly died from her wounds for critizing the radical grioup for refusing to allow girls an education?...more

Young Hollywood: Fame. Fortune. Fallout.

During the golden era of old Hollywood, where starlets like Lana Turner, Lauren Bacall and Ava Gardner ( just to name a few) had to worry about the infamous casting couch from certain heads of studios wanting to get into their pants before signing their contracts; these days, it's about the glitz, glamor and twerking that seemingly determines a celebrity prominence in the  eyes of adoring fans and Hollywood gamechangers....more


Interview With Hollywood Insider Melissa Jo Peltier

 Melissa, thanks for visiting Clara54′s writers forum. Your body of work is so amazing. I’m just going to introduce you as an emmy-award winning bestselling writer, filmmaker, producer and author. Please share some of your fascinating career highlights with us....more

Naomi Campbell On Watch What Happens Live!

 It not always about the fun & gales of merriment following these celebrity “No she didn’t” moments  at the clara54 “T” blog.  So, before we get to Naomi Campbell calling out so...more

Malik Yoba As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr...

  It was his stint as a New York undercover cop in the hit drama New York Undercover that viewers perhaps remember the chocolate swagger of a relatively unknown Malik Yoba....more

Sunday Motivation...2013

 I've just celebrated another year in my life. It was a great time spent with plenty of Potluck, on the real friendships and awesome family! They came bearing gifts of food, sweet drinks and sentimential tales....more

Home For The Holidays: What It Means For Seniors In Nursing Homes

USATODAY.com reported in 2009 that well over 1.8 million people were living in nursing homes.  Residents enjoy dressing up to go out on pass to spend the day at home with family and loved ones....more