A Hiatus, Sort Of

Have you noticed that the posts have been rather scant of late? There’s a reason. Like I often do, I’ve found I’ve just taken on too much currently ....more

What I Hate About #TransformationTuesday

I pretty much have a love hate relationship with what’s known as the #TransformationTuesday post on social media. Yes, I post them. No I don’t post my weight loss transformation everydamntuesday like some do ....more

Find The 7th Minion

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and it’s advertiser. All opinions are mine alone ....more

Finding The Time

If you missed it, please refer to my last post about being a little down for the fitness count. So I figured you’d love to know what I was up to otherwise. Eh eh?! ...more

Down For The Fitness Count

Currently, I’m down for the fitness count. While I really do hope that some people can find some bit of inspiration through my own weight loss and fitness story, I refuse to sugar coat how I got there and the physical and mental fortitude that it has taken me to stay this course. I openly admit although I’ve had great success, the mental game is still throwing me at times – as I spoke about in my post The Hardest Workout I Never Had to do ....more

Non Workout Clothes & Sushi Date Nights

Life has been busy as of late. The kids are out for summer break and so begins the constant battle of reminding my chickadees that just because Momma is sitting at my desk and I’m present – doesn’t mean that I’m here to serve your every whim. Seriously ....more

3 Tips for Achieving Your Weight Loss & Fitness Goals

As many things that are constantly in the works on my blog, one of them is certainly a FAQ section. Although in the meantime if I were to accumulate all my frequently asked questions from readers, roll them all into one big ball and slap a label on it – the biggest question would definitely be: “I want to loose weight (and or get fit) but I don’t know where to start.” If I were going to break it down for you, these are certainly my biggest things to keep in mind when you are beginning. 1. Start Slow: I’ve encountered it again and again, stories from people talking to me about how they have started a journey towards getting fit only to become frustrated and quit not long after beginning ....more

Easy 4 Ingredient Protein Cream Frosting

If I had to pick a few frequently asked questions about my foodstagrams, they would cover the following topics: My Spinch Omelettes and my “healthy cream frosting” Both of which I’ve been enjoying a lot of as of late. Because ya know, I’m very much #teambreakfast. Had the same thing on repeat recently just with a change of fruit scenery ....more

EVOL Frozen Foods Review & Giveaway

Generally when you ask my family if they want a burrito, the answer will always be YES – so it was kinda fun to have this chance to test out these great healthy frozen products from EVOL Frozen Foods available at Meijer’s. Our food philosophy is simple: Love what you eat. So, we make REAL FOOD with ingredients that you would find in your pantry ....more

My IT Band Is A Pain In My Knee, Literally

I’m feeling a little whiny this week. I really just want to workout but it’s not in the cards for me the last few days because I’ve been experiencing the dreaded ITB Syndrome. image credit: medicine.net 1 ....more