How To Teach Students with Intellectual Disabilities

picture courtesy As a result of I.D.E.A....more

Teacher Professionalism (With a Twist of Occasional Humor)

I once read a quote that said, “People think I’m crazy, but I like to think of myself as normal with a twist of awesome!” Because I have an outgoing, flowery personality, I honestly feel that some people...more

Dealing With Death

My husband has been a high school teacher for twelve years. During his fifth year, several of his students from the soccer team were killed in a car accident. The driver lost control of his car, went through a barrier, flipped the jeep and landed in a ravine full of water ....more

All Professions Deserve Summers Off

It’s amazing how many non-teacher Americans get angry, frustrated, and even downright rude about a teacher’s summer. When June comes around, so follows resentment. The vitriol is then repeated in late August when students report back to school ....more

Are you a leader or a follower?…On Twitter.

Are you a leader or a follower? ...more

CA Bill Addresses Suspensions and Expulsions

Millions of students get suspended from school every year – and it is mostly students of color. According to the US Dept. of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, 16% of black students are suspended every year, compared to 5% of white students ....more

Simple Student Hacks for Elementary Teachers

Education is personal and teachers...more

Paper in a Paperless classroom

You may know me as a proponent of 1:1 digital technology in the classroom. But I begin my year with two traditional forms of learning: face to face communication and lots and lots of paper. Earlier in the summer I retweeted this comment found...more

A Call for National History Day

All teachers search for that moment when what you do in the classroom raises administrators’...more

Who is your +1? An EdCamp Inspiration

Edcamp Logo – courtesy EdCamp Sacramento was one of the most informative and collaborative conferences I have never attended. That is correct, I said I never attended. I live in Atlanta, GA, and I did not have the luxury or knowledge about this amazing educational workshop experience ....more