Surviving the Doldrums of Education

The dark days of November are upon my students and admittedly the enthusiasm for being back in school has worn off. The fervor, rigor and rapid pace of schooling usually takes its toll on me this time of year and I have to develop means of not only survival but of hope as I try to do more than plod along. Most often my angst is affected by more than just the shortened length of the day ....more

Five Items For EVERY Teacher’s Christmas List

Now that Thanksgiving is in the rear-view mirror and the Christmas season is upon us, it isn’t too early to consider what presents we would like to request from our friends and family. My list is far from exhaustive and highly subjective, but as the New Year beckons, the average teacher is in desperate need of both inspiration and rest. To this end, I offer the following five suggestions for the holiday season: #5: A Year’s Supply of Vitamin C: Here is something you never learn when obtaining a teaching credential: teachers get sick on their vacation ....more

Why Reading Logs Have to Go

“Children should learn that reading is pleasure, not just something that teachers make you do in school.” ~Beverly Cleary The first day of school I welcome my 8th graders to my English class with a survey about their reading life. I ask them to be extremely honest so I can gauge where they are as readers, what sorts of books they might like, and how I can best encourage them. Because they are 8th graders, they easily comply with the request for truthiness ....more

Why We Need Stubborn Teachers

Teacher burnout is a problem and we all know the statistics. Roughly half of teachers leave the profession within their first five years. The percentage of teachers who leave is especially high in schools with over 80% of students qualifying for Free or Reduced Lunch....more

One-Day Workshops Are Here! Join Us in 2016

In 2015 we struggled with what we could continue to do to support our thousands of readers across the world. We already publish three articles a day from teachers. We’re active on our social media channels (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) ...more

Under the Guise of Inclusion

I remember the days in the 1960’s and 70’s when Special Education was not even a word, and anyone that had disabilities was rarely seen or heard. I’m so thankful today that we have so many programs that help students with disabilities, but as state budgets get tighter, the...more

Challenge Yourself Professionally; Avoid Teacher Burnout

The profession of teaching...more

What Makes a Great Unit?

With so many skills and so many concepts, units are a necessity. We can become overwhelmed with the amount of material we have to cover in a short time. I have learned I only focus on one unit at a time ....more

A Closer Look at School Choice: The Ohio Problem

choolRecently the United States Department of Education made a unique move regarding federal funds that had been awarded to the state of Ohio for expansion of charter schools. Here is part of the story. The summer of 2014 The Ohio State Board of Education began an investigation into the Horizon Science Academy High School in Dayton ....more

E-Sub Plans for Educators

Writing sub plans is the task I dread most as a teacher. It is time-consuming and often the best-laid plans go awry. Substitutes misinterpret directions or students use that excuse to claim that they were led astray from a meaningful task ....more