Book Review: Teach Like A Champion 2.0

The book Teach Like A Champion is one that many educators...more

Catty Communication- More Effective Peer to Peer Relations

My blood was boiling… my fists were balled up… my gut wanted to yell, “Let’s take this behind the barn!!!” She was in my face, screaming. We were standing in the front office with students, parents, and other teachers trying not to stare, without much success. I stood there because I wanted to hear her […] The post Catty Communication- More Effective Peer to Peer Relations appeared first on The Educators Room ....more

Accountability Conversation

I am interested in educators taking back the conversation regarding education. Of course, we need to always be “developing” (sorry about the HEDI reference), and the vast majority of us always are partly by nature of the lifelong learner, but also because of what our nation is doing to it’s most vulnerable. We teachers aren’t […] The post Accountability Conversation appeared first on The Educators Room ....more

When “Q” was the Only Beautiful Thing in the Room

It is summer, and most elementary classroom walls have been...more

Top 5 Things Every Teacher Should Do Before School Starts

Have the teacher dreams started? Does your heart pound when you see the school supply section at Target? While you’re relaxing on the beach, have you defaulted to lesson planning over novels? ...more

The Grieving Year: A Major Professional Error

During the 2014-2015 school year, I landed a brand new job. This teaching gig seemed to be exquisitely designed for me. I had just received my Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing, and I was excited by an opening at my county’s most prestigious arts school ....more

Summer Reading For Teachers: How To Fly A Horse

One of the most engaging and sometimes infuriating side effects of being a teacher is that we ...more

Reading Outside of the Canon: Jodi Picoult’s Nineteen Minutes

Why this novel? At the end of the year, I ask my students to write advice and words of encouragement for next year’s class. I present their wisdom during my first-day-of-school presentation ....more

Accountability in Education-Part I

Accountability in Education...more

Adventures in Real World English/Language Arts: The Planning Stages

I adore literature. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved books (I blame Beauty and the Beast). And eighteen years later, I am teaching American Literature and British Literature, it is a dream career ....more