Surviving the Spring “Thing”

Spring Break has come and gone, and every teacher knows what follows thereafter: the Spring “Thing.” The “thing” involves a stretch of days where there are no more holidays until Memorial Day, or in some schools, the end of the year It’s a time when most states dig deep into standardized testing When the “thing” […] The post Surviving the Spring “Thing” appeared first on The Educators Room ....more

The Genius Hour in Middle School

Two years ago, I had an idea. I wanted to see a class in my school that allowed students who are intrinsically motivated to do something they were interested. I began searching around on the internet and stumbled upon Passion Projects, 20% Time (based on a Google practice), and Genius Hour, but it was mostly […] The post The Genius Hour in Middle School appeared first on The Educators Room ....more

Breaking out of the Norm with Breakout Edu

It has been a long time since I started my high school class with this opening, “Today I’m going to tell you a story… and only you have the power to save the world…” My gaming team of devoted educators advised me to take a plunge into an all-out game experience with Breakout EDU. ...more

Adding Depth in the Elementary Math Classroom

I’m at a new school this year and since the beginning of the school year, I have always felt that something was missing from my lessons but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I’m not a new teacher and I have taught many different kinds of students, but the students that I have […] The post Adding Depth in the Elementary Math Classroom appeared first on The Educators Room ....more

10 Reasons Why Teachers Should Host Political Debates

A few weeks back, I examined a hotly contested election for State Senate, and I remarked...more

A Letter to a Lost Student

Dear Student, I know I am not your mother, but after spending a year with you, I feel like I am. And even though it has been seven years since you sat in my class, I still feel like you are mine. I rejoiced when I saw you were going to be a father ....more

7 Hidden Reasons Teachers Deserve a Pay Raise

Across the country, teachers are fighting for their rights to a fair salary, and for good reason. If you think teachers don’t deserve better pay because you truly believe that they only work from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon, you’ve clearly never met a teacher. Teachers today do so much more […] The post 7 Hidden Reasons Teachers Deserve a Pay Raise appeared first on The Educators Room ....more

A Teacher Requests Her Students Not To Be Tested

I have had the immense fortune of being able to be in front of children in many different capacities for 25 years. ...more

It Ain’t What They Call You. It’s What You Answer To

This year will mark my 20th year in the State of Georgia. I moved here in 1996 to teach at a small private school about an hour outside of Atlanta and the first thing that struck me was how different things were. See, I’m one of them Yankees, born in Ohio and raised in Massachusetts […] The post It Ain’t What They Call You ....more

Differentiation Isn’t Dead

Differentiation is the one word in education that make the most subdued educators scream out in pain. Principals use it in evaluations like it’s going out of...more