A Profession Dependent on the Generosity of its own Employees

This week begins the 4th Annual RedditGifts for the Teachers. ...more

Career in Crisis

I recently made a major life decision. Instead of returning to the classroom as a teacher, I am selling my nice condo in a glam neighborhood to move into something in a safe but less expensive neighborhood. I left the classroom three years ago to write a book and pursue other avenues ....more

Flat Stanley: World Traveler

The author’s Flat Stanleys ready for their adventures! Flat Stanley is on his way! I love doing this project for so many reasons, the first being that it is a great way to introduce geography to young elementary kids ....more

Testing, 1, 2, 3…Testing…

I think it is important to stay informed and read information about...more

Teaching: Why It’s Not Just a J-O-B to Me

I often bring my work home with me–if not physically, then mentally. I’m a reflective person by nature, and I carry around the weight of my decisions, good or bad, everywhere I go. When I cannot right what’s wrong, fix every problem, or make the unjust just again, my passion for what I do makes it impossible for me to let it go ....more

Finding your Happiness in the Classroom

We started school a few weeks ago and I am still getting to know my students. I teach at a small school, around 400 students, so I know faces and names before they come into my classroom. The students know me as well, even before they enter my classroom ....more

Maybe the Film Credits Are the Best Lesson

Twice this summer, I found myself thinking that maybe educators are not taking advantage on how we could show films in class. We seldom, if ever, show the film’s credits. Perhaps the lack of attention to film credits is because there is not enough time already for what many educators might consider a passive activity of sitting and watching ....more

Are You a “Just a” Teacher?

By Guest Author Andrea Shunk It’s lunchtime at school and a familiar scene is playing out once again with my coworkers amid the reheated leftovers and cold sandwiches. “Ugh,” complains Sheila. “I hate teaching this reading intervention curriculum.” This is the reheated version of the same conversation I’ve had with Sheila for three years ....more

Supporting Students Can be More than Academic

Supporting students has always meant letting my students know that I understood how stressful their lives can be. While we can’t control their home lives we can be aware that our schools are not necessarily very student friendly. Between earlier and earlier starting times, dress codes/uniforms, poorly scheduled rosters, and crazy standardized testing, students do have a lot of stress ....more

First Day Jitters

It is hard to put into words the feeling I felt when that school bell rang at 7:55 signaling the start of the first day of school. Parents had left with their cameras full of “first day” pictures and no one was in the back observing my teaching and making sure my lesson plans were followed word for word. As strange as it felt, it hit me that these were now my kids, I was their teacher ....more