Want to Fix Schools? Give Teachers More TIME!

A few weeks ago, fellow columnist Jeremy Adams posted an article called “The Magical Solution Illusion,” illustrating how schools, students, and teachers are being pounded by an array of self-proclaimed “saviors” of the education system. I loved the article. He examined our proclivity to move toward change, from increasing class sizes to shrinking them; from emulating Finland or China; and examining advocates of...more

Dear Santa…

Dear Santa, Well, it’s that time of year again. The end of the first semester. And I am tired ....more

Teachers Need to be on the Same Team

“A house divided shall not stand,” and neither will a public school. I am really seeing this...more

Putting the “A” in AP

It seems as though everyone is jumping on the AP bandwagon. Schools are offering professional development and a variety of incentives to implement this program. Advance Placement courses are intended to replace freshmen level course at the college level ....more

Are You at the Wrong School? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Dictionary.com defines a school as “an institution where instruction is given, especially to persons under college age.” But a school is so much more than that for a teacher. It isn’t just a structure housing...more

8 Reasons Why Gum Has No Place in the Classroom

I like to debate the issues with my colleagues, and one debate I had with...more

Avoiding Round Robin in All Subject Areas

I am always amazed that Round Robin reading still exists. The empirical evidence has shown that it is an ineffective teaching method. Just being an observant teacher would make you realize the kids are bored and off task ....more

Money Talks: Classroom Incentives That Work

Let’s go ahead and get real right here and now. You probably have a handful of kids in your classroom who are intrinsically motivated. We can lament all day long about yesterday’s kids and how we used to just do our homework because the teacher said so and complain about the fact that kids these days just don’t value time the way we used to ....more

Using Food to Teach Fractions: Math You Can Eat

Like most students I teach, my students all got taught multiplying fractions the classic way. You multiply the numerator by the numerator and the denominator by the denominator. You either learn the method or you don’t (just like any other procedural method you learn in math) ....more

Teaching Expenses: Cutting Costs

picture courtesy getideas.org I have always spent a ton of out-of-pocket money on classroom expenses. Always. And I know a host of my teacher friends do the same ....more