Why you and your children should NOT reach for a sugary drink.

It's natural to crave a drink to cool you down on a hot day. Your body is screaming for fluid. But medical experts have warned that sugary drinks are killing 184,000 adults around the world every year. ...more

Twelve simple tips to beat the advancing heatwave.

Here in England, we're preparing for some of the hottest days ever. In many parts of the world, the heat is rising. Young or old, everybody wants to keep themselves cool during a heatwave. The main risks from the heat are dehydration, overheating, heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Here is a list of twelve easy ways to protect yourself and those who are vulnerable—seriously ill, young children or elderly people around you....more

Discover how new research leads to successful daughters and caring sons.

Working mothers' adult daughters tend to get better jobs, while their grown-up sons are happy to do more in the home, particularly in Britain and the US. Wow! That's staggering. What we need in this world is balance between the sexes in every phase of their life....more

Childhood middle seat misery makes you stronger.

Ever wondered how in-car dynamics such as seating positions can impact on us as people? I must admit, the subject has never troubled me. For the last thirty years, I've occupied the front passenger seat. But what about riding in a car as a child? According to a study, a lot can be revealed in this unique environment which places everyone together in a confined space. Often this orientation can directly reflect or influence our personalities....more

What does a mirror really tell us?

A mirror is a fairly recent invention. Primitive people must have seen their reflection in the dark, still water of a stream or pool. Imagine the shock when a face seemed to peer back at them from below the depths. Of course, everything reflects in an opposite way, but not having seen themselves before, they wouldn't know their mole should have been under their left eye, not their right....more

Do you protect birds close to your home?

When we see a flock of birds migrating, we are filled with wonder and a deep sense of continuation. Everything is right with the world. I particularly love to hear geese calling as they wing their way overhead toward the east in Spring here in Hertfordshire, England. These giant birds are full of grace and symmetry, usually flocking together in the form of a V with one leader at the point....more

The growing problem of obsolete devices.

It's a growing problem. As each amazing must-have item appears on the market, we fling away the not-so-cool device without a thought of where the accumulated mass of everybody's waste products will end up....more

Dogs have grown to be like people in so many ways.

This morning in the UK, a sheepdog took control of a tractor which ended up on a busy motorway. Traffic Scotland reported the bizarre event, which caused tailbacks on the road....more

The divide between a boy and a girl's role in life.

The UK Royal baby girl could be worth £1 billion to the economy over its lifetime. A girl? Hooray for women. If born today, he or she will share a birthday with the89 year-old Queen....more

Were you ever devastated by the loss of a toy?

A three-year-old boy lost his lion, Liley, at the stately home Hughenden Manor in Buckinghamshire last Easter. ...more