10 Principles for Women to Live By

I spent some time at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing today. There were about 8000 women there, from computer science students to the CTO of the United States. There were also exhibits by all the big companies who are trying to hire for diversity. It looked like a real coup for women.But…...more

How to Start a Vlog: BlogHer12

I learned to write quite a long time ago. The high school AP English teacher who taught me, a middle-aged frumpy woman by the name of Dr.Gordon, began by telling us to think about the audience. I am not sure I understood her then, although I have never forgotten what she said. I understand it now. Nothing has changed about that dictum, although decades of students have passed through school since. Most of them do not bother to think about the audience. Or, as Jeff Jarvis says, "the people formerly known as the audience."...more
Interesting.  I had to read as i thought, Vlog?  I hadn't heard of that one yet.  Ah...video ...more

Citizens Who Have Lost Faith in Government Find Solutions for the Oil Spill in Social Networks

 Nothing says more about citizens' loss of faith in government than a website in Santa Rosa, CA called StoptheGusher, where ordinary cititzens have gathered to share ideas, offer suggestions, and rack their brains about what to do about the Gulf Oil Spill. ...more

Grieving the Loss of the American Dream

For the past few years, I've been wondering why so many strange incidents keep occurring:  every vote in Congress is a filibuster; Joe Stack flies an airplane into the IRS building; snipers shoot students and teachers in classrooms; men kill their wives and families. Babies are murdered at the border. Senators are found with cash in their freezers. Devout Christians are exposed as philanderers. Otherwise intelligent people believe the President is not an American. ...more

Precious A Non-Intuitive Christmas Move

I had to share this with you from my Stealthmode blog:...more

Another Independent Bolts from Obama

I am a proud Independent bolting from Obama. This week on "Morning Joe" somebody said all the Independents were doing it. If so, this might be the first time I do anything "all" the people do. I think each of us, true to the term, has his or her own reasons. Here are mine, and they surprise even me for the order in which they occur....more

Twitter and TweetsforBoobs Ready for Breast Cancer Awareneness Month

October is breast cancer awareness month and TweetsforBoobs.org, which went live Friday September 25, is participating in the effort to raise awareness and donations for breast cancer. TweetsforBoobs.org makes pledging money to the Susan G. Komen foundation effortless and public. When the hashtag #tweetsforboobs is used the site detects it, and a pledge of $1 is recorded for that Twitter account....more

EmpowHer Launches Free Health Events for Women

There's a long story behind this launch post. I'm on the advisory board of EmpowHer.com, a women's health site founded by a friend of mine, Michelle Robson, who had an awful experience with the health care system and decided to become a patient advocate in a world-changing way.  Michelle is no ordinary woman; she's not only a businesswomen on her own, but the wife of my greatest business mentor -- the person who told me in 1980 to get a Mercedes and a cell phone instead of an office. We all go back a long ...more

Even the Queen of Spain Must Endure Health Care Rationing

My friend Erin Kotecki Vest, whose husband works in the film industry, who has health insurance, and who is not an illegal immigrant, a bag lady, or an old person, has been a victim of health care rationi ...more
Erin is a dear, sweet woman, wonderful mother, and... I want to be like her when I grow up. She ...more