Inc. 500 Looking for Growth Companies

Inc. Magazine has made Stealthmode an outreach partner, because it's tough for them to find companies that grew last year.  But I know SOMEBODY did, and this might be a good year to apply if that's you. I imagine there are easier and more difficult years to make the list, and this would be an easier one. Here's what they sent out this morning. ...more

Francine, you're the best! Thanks for this link.

Lisa Stone

Obama's Health Care Reform and Social Networks: An Experiment

Between Christmas and New Year’s I decided to try a “noble” experiment. I decided to invite people from my Facebook and Twitter networks to an Obama Health Care Reform party at my home. I want to see if the Obama administration’s social networks are real, and if the information flows both ways. You have to understand that my friends are an eclectic group of everything from ordinary senior citizens to A-list bloggers to idealists barely out of their teens, because each person belongs to several categories. We have the power to help Obama in a big way if he truly wants to ...more

Mad Men: A Woman's View

I have been watching "Mad Men," the TV series about an ad agency in the early 1960's, with rapt attention for two seasons. The second one just ended, and once again I felt sad that I will be temporarily losing touch with creative genius Don Draper, his wife Betty, and the staff of Sterling Cooper. Most of my younger friends watch "Mad Men" as though it were a costume drama, like something about ancient Rome, or ...more

Obama Has Soul

Barack Obama is showing us what he stands for when he leaves the campaign trail less than two weeks before the election to visit his 85-year-old grandmother. In taking this unusual and underplayed step, he is exemplifying the family values other people talk about, but only he demonstrates. ...more

My 92-Year-Old Friend Speaks About McCain's Lies

I have a wonderful friend who is 92, a retired entrepreneur and pilot, and an aircraft industry enthusiast. He even builds model planes. Here is a copy of an email he wrote to the aerospace reporter at the Arizona Republic about another of McCain's lies. ...more

What Old-Timers from Arizona Know About McCain

Some of my Arizona friends are ready to leave the country if McCain gets elected because of what they know about him, and this includes both Democrats and Republicans who were leaders in the business community in the late 70s and 80's when he came up. Others won't leave, but they won't vote for him either. They are quietly not voting the top of the ticket or actually voting for Obama because they know who McCain is. ...more

A Bailout Isn't Enough for Me

I want my chance to help do things correctly. All week long I've been emotionally and intellectually struggling with the near collapse of the global economy and the admonitions of both former Goldman Sachs CEO and President Bush about how we had to give them $700b to bail out the banking system. Immediately. No questions asked. Why? The American public is correctly asking. Who is bailing out my family? So I want more than a bailout I want the American taxpayer to be a limited partner in the vulture fund that buys up these worthless ...more

Don't Blame ME For Your Credit Crisis, Mr. Paulson

Don't Blame Me for your Credit Crisis, Mr. Paulson You changed the rules for what constitutes a smart financial decision, and now you want to turn around and blame ME because I borrowed money? Screw you, buddy; let me tell you how I see it. ...more

This is all just a mess. Plain and simple.

I say all the CEO's of these troubled ...more

The Coen Brothers on the Upcoming Election

I just came out of the Coen Brothers new movie <a href="">"Burn After Reading</a>." Disclaimer: I'm a fan. It got bad reviews, but I thought it was a hilarious illustration of how partially-educated, insanely self-confident people perceive issues and events. When people have a superficial understanding of the way things work, they make incredibly bad judgment calls. ...more

Mad Men to BlogHer: 40 Years for Women

My first job right out of college was at J Walter Thompson Company in New York. I had an Ivy League degree and I was hired as...a typist. I spent the day putting carbon paper in documents, throwing them out and starting them over, and polishing my nails. I handed a guy his coat and hat. I was one of the women in Mad Men. The only woman in a position of power in the agency, an account executive, worked on Singer Sewing Machines, Maxwell House Coffee, and Preparation H. She was such a nervious wreck that she had to wear gloves all day to cover the rash ...more

"I allowed myself to be "mentored" by people who
didn't know one tenth ...more