Do Not Enter*

*I don't think that you do, but I wouldn't let your kids read this post, I talk about hoo-ha's and junk, and you know, its just not appropriate for children to hear about all that just yet. They will on the school bus, so let's just leave it at that, its better that way then from Kendall, E, and Jake's mom. So you know those storage closets I was talking about in my last post? MmmmHmmm. The ones where no one but me goes in? Tucked way back in there is my bike....more

Anyone Seen Queen Frostine?

'Does your person have on glasses?''Yes.' Her turn, my turn again.'Does your person have red hair?''No.'Her turn, my turn again.'Is your person Shirley?''Uh, nope.''Wait, well Shirley is the only one I have left, who was it?''It's Mary.''Mary? But you said that your person didn't have a hat on, and Mary has a hat on!''Well that turn it didn't because I first picked Frank, but then I decided to pick a different person, and I picked Mary.''Oh.'MmmHmmm...oh....more

The Sack-a-Rice Jesus Made

Today was Easter Sunday. sweet & innocent...see that's exactly how the disney princesses got their kiss, they look so angelic, the p...more

A Pug and a Bullseye

You know sometimes having a dog is really helpful. He cleans up the scraps quite well. He is like a snorting food censor. He sniffs it out and zeroes in on it. 'BEEP! BEEP!BEEP!'  But in Stanley's case its 'SNORT,SNORT,SNORT!' He loves it when Jake eats. He just knows that this little rugrat will throw food all over the place, a little afternoon food sprinkle, if you may. So when Jake plops into the highchair in all his thunder thigh glory, Stanley mans himself at the base. ...more

Yes, I know all about the Becks of the world cause I work at a vets & I'm a lower key version ...more