10 Steps To Boost Your Creativity

On one of my many internet scouring expeditions, I came across this great article on Designtaxi.com. Written by Jeffrey Paul Baumgartner in 1996, it still applies for us today. So have a read and fire up those creative engines:...more

Geneology 101 (or put the skeleton back in the closet)

 If you ever want to trace your family tree, Don't.I say that because what one finds out may not be what one expects. I know I am six degrees of separation from someone, but never knew exactly who. To be perfectly honest, never really cared either. But my daughter (the explorer) just had to go digging and what she unearthed should have stayed buried.So here are the highlights of the grand exploration (mind you, this is only on my Father’s side. Researching my Mother’s side would probably cause a mild stroke at the very least):...more

Regrets- Elephants in the room

Regret. A six letter word that carries much weight, in fact it’s often the elephant in rooms of our lives. We all have regrets whether they be big or small, the key is what do we do with them. We may regret the fact we overslept and missed that office meeting or made a choice that caused enormous amounts of grief to ourselves and others.I’ve heard people say “Live your life with no regrets”, I say the opposite. We need regrets to remind us of our choices so (A) we don’t repeat the same bad move and (B) how not to lose self control....more

Book Review: We the Animals

We The Animals  By: Justin TorresThere is a new writer in town and he is definitely wearing a shiny badge.Justin Torres, a mere 30 something writer from New York has walked into the literary world and turned it on its axis.We The Animals a 128 page book of such elegance, honesty and heart wrenching prose; one has to marvel at such a finely written book....more
 @Karen Ballum Me too..the only drawback to this book is I wanted more :-)more

Senior Year Hollers: Avoiding Bankruptcy and Using Common Sense

I rarely make political or holler posts. I'm breaking the tradition to get a few things off my chest regarding high school seniors. I'm a parent of five children, four graduates and the man-child due to exit those learned halls this year. I would have to say I am fairly qualified to air some observations on some illogical processes of our local school system. I'm going to label this part of my holler session, "How to bankrupt your family before your graduate:"...more
 @Mandi_M I totally understand your business and needing to charge a certain amount but I ...more

My daughter is Gay and...

lesbian (ˈlɛzbɪən) n 1. a female homosexualhomosexual (ˌhəʊməʊˈsɛksjʊəl, ˌhɒm-) — n 1. a person who is sexually attracted to members of the same sexI debated on how to start this post and finally decided to cut to the chase. See those two definitions up there? I don’t see anything that says freak, odd-ball, less than human or any other such nonsense. Yet, there are still too many people who have no clue on what equality is all about....more