Moms In The Workforce: Why Are We Discriminated Against?

On August 26th the nation will observe Women's Equality Day, in commemoration of the 1920 passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, granting women the right to vote....more

Powered By Service: Usher's World Leadership Awards Offer PURE Inspiration!

My Friday evening couldn’t have been more charmed!:-)...more

Rape: For Haiti's Displaced Women & Girls The Trauma Continues

I’ve been sitting here for well over an hour, searching for words to convey the heaviness I feel regarding the plight of Haiti’s women and girls, who having survived the January Earthquake, must now endure rape and abuse in their makeshift tent homes — in epidemic numbers.Was rape an issue in Haiti before the Earthquake? Absolutely.  However, with their male support (fathers, brothers, husbands and boyfriends) and community networks lost, Haiti’s displaced women and girls are exposed more than ever to gender violence often being rendered by gang rapes....more