Million Mile Month; One State's Health Challenge

There are two things, like most Americans, that really pull at my heart strings. Kids and animals. Put either of those  in a distressed or life threatening situation, and out comes my super hero cape, because I would do just about anything to help.  ANYTHING!...more

Appetizer Gobbler

Year after year I find myself trapped in the kitchen before and after Thanksgiving dinner. From appetizers and sides to deserts and dishes, it seems like there is always something to be preparing or cleaning. This year I vowed to spend more time with my loved ones and less time in the kitchen....more

Butternut Squash Soup

Abraham Maslow said that it’s better to make a first-rate soup than a second-rate painting, and if your artistic talent is anything like mine, you’ll find that making a superior soup is a lot easier than crafting even a passable pencil sketch. Well, Thanksgiving is ‘round the bend, and if ever there was a time for a simple-to-make (but still first-rate) holiday soup, this is it. And what’s more, you can make it ahead of time, freeze it in batches, and use some for Christmas - or a quick mid-week meal during the bleak winter’s pale....more

Non-Burning Room Deodorizer - DIY Guide

Between holiday parties and family gatherings, your bathroom is bound to be one of the most high traffic rooms in the house.  Keep it smelling fresh with this DIY all natural, non-burning room deodorizer.   For ways to enter the Thanksgiving Pampered Chef giveaway, visit the website! ...more

Halloween Playlist

In search of the perfect Halloween playlist for a weekend party, Trick or Treat Monday, or just something to get you in a festive spirit?  Look no further!Howlin' for You // The Black Keys...more
You forgot one - The Cremation of Sam McGee! I make my kids listen to it every year :)more

Ojos Rojos (Red Eye) Cake Balls

Ojos Rojos (Red Eye) Cake Balls  ...more
Kathy - The butterfinger balls sound absolutely amazing! These were sweet, but I can't imagine ...more

Bunch O' Grapes - DIY Costume Guide

Day 1 of the Chick or Treat Series - To follow the entire series visit

A How To Video: Making a Glass Jack O'Lantern

I love decorating for the holidays, but hate spending the money on store bought decorations.  So when a holiday craft comes along that I can re-use in years to come, and costs less than $5....well, that makes me one happy chick! ...more
I love this! What a wonderful idea!more

How To: Salad Box

A few weeks ago, while catching up on my daily news via Flipboard, I came across an article on how to make salad tables and salad boxes. ...more
Great idea. Thanks for sharing. more