Correspondence with Cole: three months

Dear Cole, You laughed! Oh how you laughed. Your sweet giggles and their laugh-ifty laughness. If a mother can fall in love with her child more than once, Cupid forgot what holiday it is and again stuck me with his arrow the day those sweet chuckles befell your mouth. If you smile only for your dad hence forth, I shalt not complain. Unbelieving as I write these words, happy three-month birthday, Baby Cole. No way are you this old....more

Video: This is why people make babies

Dec. 17, 2010: Giggles. Videos like these are better than Ritalin....more


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Bye-bye to babiest of my baby

Cole is growing too fast, like time, it seems endless but expires faster than 2 percent milk. He's gained 4 lbs in eight weeks, a clothes size in a semester and now he carries on conversations about girls? tatoos? hunting? I don't know, but his chatter ceases only when he slumbers. ...more

kuchen again

  For the 14 months I've lived here, I've heard, smelled and tasted various German dishes I never knew existed throughout my 23 years as a member of the blank, blank, and blankity blank families (no names, no creepers). In North Dakota, the food pyramid has seven food groups instead of six. The seventh consists of fatty, creamy, buttery desserts and dishes baked with the sole purpose of keeping warn in the winter. See: knoephla (pronounced neff-la) soup. ...more

Hey yo.

Hello to all the bloghers out there! I'm new to the Blogher world and I'm very much looking forward to connecting to and learning from other bloggers out there! I write about my current home: North Dakota and how its people and epic emptiness border on both Canada and insanity. Actually, I quite like North Dakota. I just give it grief now and then as punishment for all the times my Volvo (the only one in my town of 15,000) got STUCK in the winter snow. (I had to hire a professional wrecker so many times, my car insurer dropped me.) ...more