Fresh Pick | WATCHING THE WORLD CHANGE by David Friend

August 2011 On Sale: August 2, 2011 494 pages ISBN: 0312591489EAN: 9780312591489Trade Size (reprint)...more

Fresh Pick | SUNSET BRIDGE by Emilie Richards

Fresh Pick | SUNSET BRIDGE by Emilie RichardsWritten by FreshFiction on 31 August 2011 Happines Key July 2011...more

Fresh Pick | WORKING STIFF by Rachel Caine

Revivalist #1 August 2011 On Sale: August 2, 2011 Featuring: Bryn Davis320 pages ISBN: 0451464133 EAN: 9780451464132 Paperback $7.99Add to Wish ListMystery Paranormal, Paranormal, Paranormal Mystery...more

Fresh Pick | SWEET POSSESSION by Maya Banks

Sweet #5 April 2011 On Sale: April 5, 2011 Featuring: Lyric Jones; Connor Malone 368 pages ISBN: 0425239071EAN: 9780425239070Trade Sizeid="mce_marker"5.00...more

Laura Caldwell | The Author's Most Feared Email Comment to win CHAIN OF INNOCENCE 5 winners

For me, it's one of the tougher parts of the publishing game—the time, usually a month or two before the publishing date—when I receive a forwarded email from my editor, with a vague subject line, usually something like, FW: Kirkus Review....more

Fresh Pick | BLIND FURY by Lynda La Plante

Anna Travis #2  July 2011 On Sale: July 5, 2011 Featuring: Anna Travis; Detective Chief Superintendent Langton 512 pages ISBN: 143913930X EAN: 9781439139301 Trade Size (reprint) id="mce_marker"5.00 ...more

Fresh Pick | ONE SUMMER by JoAnn Ross

July 2011 On Sale: July 5, 2011 Featuring: Gabriel St. James; Charity 400 pages ISBN: 0451234006 EAN: 9780451234001 Paperback$7.99    ...more

Fresh Pick | THE IDEAL MAN by Julie Garwood

August 2011 On Sale: August 9, 2011 Featuring: Ellie Sullivan; Max Daniels 352 pages ISBN: 052595225XEAN: 9780525952251Hardcover$26.95...more

Fresh Pick | COWBOY UP by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Short and sexy...with a cowboy to boot! Best summer reads Cowboy Up by Vicki Lewis Thompson ...more