Standing With our Veterans

  The veterans at The Salvation Army Laura Danieli Senior Activity Center don’t think of Memorial Day as just a day off.  The 5 of them have served our country and know that this day is meant to honor the men and women of the Armed Forces.  The Veterans were acknowledged for their s...more

Fresh Produce Give-A-Way For Seniors!

A Senior Health & Wellness Program for seniors residing in Independent Living facilities in the Phoenix, AZ provides 3 months of free fruits and vegetables. Beginning in April 2012, Gregory’s Fresh Market Place/ GFMP, with produce donated by Walgreens, created the give-a-way as a way to provide often hard to find nutritious food to Seniors in the area. ...more

"Sponsor a Senior" - Fresh Food!

Gregory’s Fresh Market Place is back in the community supporting healthy eating and living, especially for senior citizens.  Due to the overwhelming response to the “Sponsor a Senior for the Holiday” event, we have launched  a “Sponsor A Senior Throughout the Year” program for 2012. This special offering is available until December 31, 2012. For a donation of $100.00, each senior will receive one bag filled with fresh fruits and vegetables every month, information on eating and staying healthy, and a minimum of 3 food demonstrations and nutrition education/wellness classes....more

“Nutrition for the Holidays” – Special for Seniors!

The holiday season is a great opportunity to reach out to seniors to encourage tasty, healthy eating. Gregory’s Fresh Market Place (#GFMP) launched “Nutrition for the Holidays” at Tanner Gardens Apartments, a retirement home in Phoenix, AZ.  The program consisted of presentations on nutrition, food demonstrations, games, healthy tips to follow during the holiday season, blood pressure testing and fresh fruit and vegetable sampling. The residents received a bag filled with fresh fruits and vegetables to take with them....more

Special Mail for Seniors: "Free Tomato Seeds Enclosed"

Once you reach “senior” status, the mail starts: “Urgent” medical info, “Urgent” – Do you need an assisted living facility? , “Urgent” – do you have money saved for retirement?, etc, etc. The language on the envelopes always push the need to “open and reply immediately”, (and you can just hear the unwritten–“Or, you’ll be sorry”!...more

Fresh Produce and More!

Recently our Gregory’s Fresh Market Place team had the chance to experience how the work that we do, impacts our “extended” community. At one of the “Independent Living” facilities we serve, there was one proud 95 year old women, with obvious physical challenges, being aided by her son, who was also a senior to our Farmer’s Market....more

Eating Healthy Should Not Be A Challenge for Seniors

Not all neighborhoods have major supermarkets or access to fresh vegetables and fruits at a reasonable price. This fact had become a major challenge for many seniors, whose quality of life and health is greatly depended on eating balanced meals....more