This healthy mama trying to fight the not so fun heartburn

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and healthy mama® , but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #gethealthymama ...more

Levana Ovia 2 Camera Baby Monitor Review: The answer to better sleep.

This is an honest review of the Levana Ovia 2 Camera Baby Monitor written by myself with all opinions stated that of my own....more

27.5 weeks and an update on Pregnancy third time around.

27.5 weeks. Where has the time gone? Can I just say that I never thought I would be one of those people who wouldn't document the third pregnancy the way I did with the first, or even the second ....more

Lesson #57 of Motherhood: Take time for YOU.

“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and EDWARDS®, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #EdwardsPies” The day that I became a mom, my entire life changed. I think that most mothers out there would agree with me and say that exact same statement ....more

I might just have to have a 4th.

I'm going to have to get pregnant a 4th time. Simply because of the burst of energy that this second trimester has brought me and how happy this had made my house. What does this mean? ...more

Up to 50% off Melissa & Doug Learning + FREE SHIPPING

I just couldn't pass up this deal of up to 50% off Melissa & Doug on Zulily {sign up is FREE}, because seriously FREE SHIPPING gets me every time. Especially since a lot of these items will be added to our learning set at home. My favorite hands down is the calendar and daily chore chart ....more

Favorite Summer Toddler Toys to keep them BUSY BUSY BUSY!

One of the common themes among moms that I keep hearing about is that come summertime kids start complaining about being bored. While mine are still too little to get "bored," I am bound and determined to make sure that they have the ability to entertain themselves and discover the world around them through their creative minds. I love the idea of summer vacations, camps, vacation bible studies, amusement park trips, pool dates, mornings spent at the splash pad, and anything else that falls in those categories of being out and about and enjoying the sunshine, I also understand that there is no possible way to plan an activity for the kids every day of summer ....more

Happy Father's Day to our favorite DAD

Father's day here, and all I keep thinking about is how lucky my children and I are. I don't say it enough, I don't give the proper praise, and I definitely don't scream it out loud to the world, but once in a while it's important to acknowledge that we have ourselves a really special guy. Not because he's perfect or that he stays calm in every situation out there or that he knows all the right things to say and do at all the right times, but because he has such a big heart for his family ....more

We all know how to raise a child, but do we know how to raise an adult?

I received a free copy of How To Raise An Adult, and all opinions stated are that of my own. Do you remember being pregnant--all the reading you did, all the research, all the preparation, and your overall thinking that you are going to have a good handle on this parenting gig. Maybe you are currently pregnant-- reading article after article, book after book, one method versus another, and have already formed an idea of where you will fall in parenthood ....more

Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ blender : Get the quality you've been waiting for with some super tasty smoothies too.

This is sponsored post where I was given a product to test in exchange for my honest opinion. All things stated are that of my own thoughts and experiences. You know what I discovered early on in motherhood— smoothies ....more